Hodgetwins Net Worth: How Rich are the Youtube Fitness Twins?

Hodgetwins Net Worth: How Rich are the Youtube Fitness Twins?

The twin brothers known as hodgetwins are Kevin and Keith Hodge. They have a popular YouTube channel with over 2 million followers, as well as an online store that sells workout supplements and apparel. As of 2021, the pair’s net worth is $5 million thanks to their YouTube brand and online store.

Early Life & Education of Hodgetwins

The HodgeTwins are America’s first identical twin pair to reach the semifinals of the World Series of Poker Main Event. They are identical twins, brothers, and poker players represented by two separate lines on their mother’s birth certificate. They were both born in Martinsville, Virginia, the United States. They have two older siblings, a brother, and a sister. Growing up, the family’s financial situation was very bad. As a result, the boys had to compete for even the most basic needs. They were raised in an environment that prepared them for life outside the womb.

In terms of their educational qualifications, The brothers obtained a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting from American Intercontinental University. The pair formerly worked for the United States Marine Corps in the states of California and Louisiana. After graduating, they worked as finance professionals for a while before deciding to pursue their interests in fitness and entertainment.

By 2013, they had over 500,000 YouTube subscribers after enlisting in the Marine Corps.

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What Is Hodgetwins’ Net Worth and Career

The brothers worked in finance and the United States Marine Corps before becoming comedians, entrepreneurs, and internet celebrities. They have a large following on YouTube, and their videos are frequently shared.

The online shop of Hodgetwins, a company that produces both protein powder supplements and erectile pills, is one example. For the gym, athletic apparel such as branded t-shirts, sweatshirts, and wristbands should be included on the list. Because they are primarily intended toward males, women’s apparel is not part of their product range. The future may hold a different scenario.

We’re sure they’ll be in the public eye again soon, maybe on a feature film or TV series. They also enjoy conventional media, so we may see them in a movie or television program soon. It’s understandable why they drew so much attention in the fitness industry with their muscular bodies. The workouts they recommend will result in substantial weight gain, muscle growth, not fat gain.

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How Much Is Hodgetwins Worth on YouTube and More?

In 2008, the HodgeTwins began their YouTube career by uploading their first video, which quickly resonated with viewers and was promptly shared on the internet. As a result, they invested more time and energy into their videos and developed their material. Aside from their comical films, they became well-known for their muscular physique. After that, they launched TwinMuscle, a website where they provide fitness advice and exercise videos.

In 1997, they were discovered as worldwide celebrities and began appearing on television shows. They also began to do commercial and corporate brand sponsorships. The siblings eventually developed their own line of apparel and other fitness materials, which they sold under their own brand. They want to encourage people to start working out. The twins also host live stand-up shows and are involved in politics, offering political analysis.

Hodgetwins Personal Life

The brothers are close, have a strong connection, and reside in their townhouse as neighbors. They’ve also accepted their new identities as married men. They concentrate on their roles as a husband and father. Elizabeth, his closest friend for 18 years, married him. They have a lovely family of three children. However, Kevin has a good marriage. However, he has not stated the name of his wife. Nonetheless, the pair has four children.

Their two youngsters were shot, so they utilized their social media following to generate cash for their medical expenditures.

Both brothers have been married to their current spouses for more than 15 years and have recently returned to their home state of Virginia after 17 years in and around Los Angeles.

Hodgetwins Net Worth

In 2008, Kevin and Keith Hodge established their comedy channel. The site expanded and evolved, and videos about fitness and relationship advice were added, resulting in a large number of followers. They have four distinct YouTube channels for extra material, including the Hodge Twins, TwinMuscle, AskHodgeTwins, and Hodgetwins vlogs. They first began as a designer and seller of bags, and they’ve branched out into branding and selling items. By 2021, the Hodgetwins are expected to have a net worth of up to $5 million.

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