Everything To Know About Lookism Season 2 Release Date!

Lookism Season 2 Release Date & Everything You Need To Know

After watching the first season People are eager to know about “Lookism Season 2 Release Date” However Season one is recently released so season 2 primer date is far away as of now.

Lookism is a webtoon from South Korea. Park Tae-Joon wrote and drew it. In November 2014, the webtoon was first put out every week on Naver Webtoon.


Lookism Season 2 Release Date


It’s about a high school student who can switch between two bodies: one that’s fat and ugly and the other that’s fit and attractive. Studio Mir’s adaptation of a Korean animated series came out on Netflix all over the world in December 2022.

What Is The Renewal Status of Lookism Season 2?

As of right now, there is no confirmation that Lookism will have a second season. But the show could be popular because it appeals to fans of both k-dramas and anime, and because it stays true to the popular webtoon it is based on. This could make a second season more likely.

If there were a second season, it would probably start where the first one ended, with Hyeok-Seong and Duk-song Hwa getting the attention of a famous musician.

Lookism Season 2 Storyline: What Will Happen in Season 2?

The story of Lookism is about a high school student named Park Hyung Seok. He was ugly and overweight. He was never popular because of how he looked, and his classmates often picked on him and made him feel bad. Park doesn’t want to go to school because he doesn’t feel good, so he argues with his mother that they should leave the city and go somewhere else. After that, they move to a different town.

One night, he finds out that he has a supernatural power that lets him switch bodies. His first body was ugly, unattractive, and overweight, but his new body was tall, masculine, and very attractive. From then on, his life changed in a big way. During the day, he uses his handsome body as his main body, and at night, he uses his original ugly body.

The rest of the story shows how looks matter, how society treats pretty people, and how it treats ugly people. In his series, he shows how discrimination and racism happen in workplaces, schools, colleges, gyms, and other places in society. Read the full article for complete detail of the “Lookism Season 2 Release Date.”

Is There A Trailer For Lookism Season 2?

The official trailer for season 2 of Lookism has not been released yet. In the next few months, a first look or teaser is likely to come out. Before then, you can watch the Season 1 trailer below.

Where can you find Lookism to watch?

The first official episode of Lookism will air on the well-known OTT platform Netflix on December 8, 2022. The webcomic is likely to come out in Korean with English subtitles. Don’t worry about it.

In this section, we’ll talk about Lookism, a 2019 Chinese drama. As was already said, Chinese director, Wu Jian Xin used the original Korean Manhwa as a model for a Chinese drama he made in 2019.

The first episode aired on September 26, 2019, and the last one on December 1, 2019. This drama series was in the subgenres of suspense and romance.

Lookism Rating

When judging a show, everyone looks at its rating. Most of the time, the best way to know if a show will continue to air is to look at how well it does in the ratings. As your rank goes up, your chances of making it are better. The show has a good IMDb rating of 7.6/10 and a good audience rating of 75% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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