Heather Rae Young Is Pregnant; Expecting A Child With Tarek El Moussa

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Tarek and Heather El Moussa are expecting. The couple was undergoing IVF procedures and had scheduled an embryo transfer for next fall when they got a happy surprise. Heather, 34, was shocked. “Unexpected! Just IVF. Embryos were frozen. Planned.” After disbelief subsided. Selling Sunset’s star was elated. “When you least anticipate it and have no worry, the world brings you what you need. I’m thrilled this happened.”

The couple, who married last October, didn’t always want to have a child. Heather felt fulfilled as a “bonus mom” to Tarek’s daughters, Taylor, 11, and Brayden, 6. “We didn’t plan to have children when we started dating three years ago. Taylor and Brayden’s additional mom is awesome. I adore them “saying,

Tarek and Heather Rae El Moussa Are Having a Baby: 'It Was a Huge Shock' | Access

“As my love for Tarek grew, I imagined having a child with him. I wanted to make something with my boyfriend.” “I love my children. Having another is frosting on the cake. I’m ecstatic! “40-year-old Tarek. Heather: “Good dad! Also, I wanted to create with him. He’s enamoured with Taylor and Braden. He’s a wonderful father. I can’t wait to meet our child.”

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The couple heard the news a few weeks ago and are expected early next year. They are currently filming their HGTV docuseries “The Flipping El Moussas”. Tarek was in a Zoom conference when he had a “strange feeling” and suggested her take a pregnancy test.
Heather replied OK, and Tarek “went back to work” Heather was tested twice. “Both were unnoticed,” she says. “I thought I’d done something wrong.” Tarek departed for work, and things turned at home.

Another test was taken. “I sorted clothes. 20 minutes later, I was like, ‘Oh, the pregnancy test. ‘It claimed I was pregnant. “Heather yelled, scaring her helper, who then cried with joy. “More testing. Pregnant, they said “. She shocked Tarek when he came from work by disguising the tests in a baby onesie and confetti. “I thought, I must be cute. Can’t text him “Laughs.

Heather Rae Young pregnant with first child with Tarek El Moussa

“I’m opening a box of sticks. Are these COVID tests? Oh, s—-! Pregnant? We learned when she said yes.” “I swear he tried for 30 seconds,” she laughs. Then, “I cried from excitement and relief. Happy! We kissed and hugged.” The pair has already taken the sex test, but they’ll find out the results during a party in a few weeks. “Tarek suspects a girl. Unsure. I want a healthy baby “”Heather,”
“I’m fine with either Tay or Bray. I want a mini-Heather.”

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She’s told Mary Fitzgerald, Chrishell Stause, and Emma Hernan. She claims they’re “happy.” Perfect timing. Heather’s sister is expecting her third. “My parents wished we were both pregnant. I never believed it would happen, and the fact that it did makes it so unique for our family. “Their growing family means finding a new house. The real estate agents just renovated their Newport Beach, Calif., home and will now hunt for something kid-friendly.

“We’re looking for a new house, but if we don’t find it before the baby comes, we have room,” explains Tarek. We need a house with a yard and more space.


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