Health Canada Advisory Board Gives CBD Recommendations


The Canadian government’s Science Advisory Committee on health goods containing cannabis has issued a study that recommends the use of non-prescription CBD. The Committee was tasked by Health Canada with making recommendations to aid in the drafting of rules. As a result of the exponential development in scientific publications over the past two decades, the Committee was able to formulate its recommendations with an abundance of knowledge.

Committee members determined CBD (cannabidiol) is not habit-forming and unanimously decided CBD is safe and tolerated for short-term use (maximum duration of 30 days) when supplied orally and at a dosage range ranging from 20 milligrams to 200 milligrams per day. Although this advice is based on consumption by healthy individuals and on the condition that they discuss the use of all other drugs and substances with their pharmacist.

CBD 'safe' for mainstream retail, Health Canada advisory panel says

Products containing CBD should bear warnings about possible interactions with other medications or alcohol, as well as comments that they should not be used by persons who are now taking or have recently taken any of the following: When pregnant or contemplating pregnancy, hypersensitivity or allergic reactions to any of the byproducts of the production process, such as cannabinoids or cannabis.

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Clear dosage directions and cautions about possible adverse effects were also recommended by the Committee. In addition, the group wants to see public education on the potential advantages and hazards of CBD use, as well as gaps in research information. There was a significant portion of the report devoted to discussing the usage of cannabidiol in animals.

Health Canada Advisory Board Provides CBD Recommendations

It shows that CBD use in dogs is only safe when supplied at extremely low levels between 0.2-2mg/kg orally twice a day. Until more safety and efficacy data is available, the Committee advises pet owners to consult their veterinarian before providing CBD to their pets.

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The Committee’s statement on its recommendations was as follows: “We recognize that while these recommendations may not meet the perceived needs of all stakeholders, we feel that our recommendations strike a balance between safety and accessibility (which are not mutually exclusive of each other).”

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