HBO Has Set a Debut Date for True Detective Season 4: 2023

If you are like us, you’ve probably wondered what HBO has planned for the fourth season of True Detective. True Detective: Night Country has been the show’s name for a while and is currently being made in Iceland. We know the story will take place in Alaska and that Jodie Foster and Kali Reis will be in charge.

This is exciting, just like many other things about True Detective. Even though the second season was pretty bad from beginning to end. The third season was a big chance to make up for it.

We’re happy with what we got there from beginning to end. The network has been taking its time with Season 4; we’ll probably have to wait at least another six months, if not longer, to see the finished product.

Today, HBO put out a new sneak peek. Max was talking up all of the HBO originals and Max-only shows coming out in 2023. it was nice to know that season 4 will be out next year. We also saw the first actual footage from this season: of Foster’s character Liz Danvers. She says she is working on a case.

We know it has something to do with people going missing from a remote research station. What is going on in this place? True Detective is not a supernatural show, so everything must make sense. But based on what we know about this series, it could be very dark and strange.

Based on what we know about HBO’s schedule. It seems unlikely that season 4 will start before the June 1 Emmy deadline. The network will have to schedule it around other shows like Winning Time and Sam Levinson’s long-awaited drama The Idol. Which might air in the summer or fall.

The True Detective teaser is now available over here.

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