Green4All is Treez’s Exclusive Retail IT Solutions Provider in Massachusetts

Green4All, an independently owned adult-use cannabis store in Brockton, Massachusetts, has chosen Treez as its sole supplier of retail technology solutions. Treez is a cloud commerce technology platform for cannabis retail and supply chain firms. Green4All utilises Treez’s point of sale software to manage inventory, automate compliance, and monitor market trends in order to free up time to focus on expanding their business. Treez has officially entered the Massachusetts cannabis retail sector with this fantastic endeavor.

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Treez’s Growth Plan

Treez’s growth plan aims to replicate the company’s success in California, which already dominates the state’s retail cannabis industry in gross merchandise value. With ambitions to grow into several additional states by the end of 2022, Treez is also available in other significant cannabis retail markets, including Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, and Missouri.

John Yang, CEO of Treez, “We’re pleased to join the Massachusetts cannabis market via our connection with Green4All.” “We work hard to provide merchants of all sizes with the most up-to-date software solutions, and we’re delighted to work with small companies like Green4All. We look forward to accelerating their development.”

The Massachusetts-based firm Green4All decided to connect with Treez because it wants to improve its reporting skills and its ability to take advantage of an open API technology environment. With the help of Treez’s remarkable available API capabilities, merchants can access a safe, cloud-based platform that allows them to share data and functions with a wide range of partners.

This past July, Treez finished the onsite installation with Green4All. It looks forward to providing top-notch service and the most remarkable retail technologies, including round-the-clock customer assistance.

Green4All will be able to streamline Metrc reporting and inventory management, decrease loss and inconsistencies, limit compliance risks, and boost business margins thanks to the interface with Treez. Treez will also assist Green4All’s expansion by offering industry-leading data and analytics to help the shop better understand its clients and make data-driven business choices to increase sales.

Paul Merian, co-owner of Green4All, stated, “In the end, we picked Treez as our retail software solutions supplier because of the degree of attention and customer support they offered to our retail business. “Previous systems we employed lacked the open API features required to use third-party partners like Mosaic Green, our e-commerce supplier, and failed to deliver appropriate data and analytics to assist us in making business choices. We immediately saw a change in our functionality and capacities since starting to work with Treez.

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Treez is the top corporate cloud commerce platform for the cannabis industry, streamlining the supply chain and retail operations. Treez offers a comprehensive breadth and depth of software solutions necessary to run a successful contemporary dispensary with its cutting-edge technology and open API platform for merchants and brands.

On a mission-critical platform that maintains regulatory compliance throughout every supply chain transaction, solutions include point-of-sale, dispensary inventory management, omnichannel sales capabilities, and several cashless payment choices. The cutting-edge technology links strong brands with their merchants through a consolidated brand library with up-to-the-minute market information. The extensible open API platform’s easy interaction with several best-of-breed technologies, such as CRM, the marketplace, cashless payments, and data analytics, gives retailers all the tools they need to grow their companies.

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