Grassfires scorch marijuana greenhouse, mobile home near Shawnee – KFOR Oklahoma City


On Friday afternoon, a grassfire destroyed two structures, mobile home and a marijuana greenhouse in the Shawnee area. Helipad 4 hovered above the grassfire that had destroyed the greenhouse housing a medical marijuana plant. The fire did not affect anyone’s health. Around the same time, firefighters were battling a second grassfire south of the greenhouse.

The fire completely wiped out the mobile house. Why the grassfires started is still a mystery. According to the officials, the fires happened in the same location where the tornadoes hit back in May, as reported by KFOR.

Grassfires scorch marijuana greenhouse, mobile home near Shawnee


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Marijuana Greenhouses
To cash in on the “green rush,” marijuana greenhouses are the way to go. Marijuana, often known as cannabis among experts in the field, is arguably the most lucrative crop ever grown in a greenhouse. When compared to other high-value greenhouse crops, cannabis’s value per square foot is one hundred times higher.

Heaths of flower and vegetable farms have ripped out their crops in favor of this new cash cow in an effort to strike it rich. However, many cannabis farmers are inexperienced and new to the industry. Due to the high stakes, even a seemingly minor change to the production environment can have a big impact on the bottom line.

How One Greenhouse Insider Found a New Way to Grow with Cannabis - Greenhouse Grower

As with any building project, it is crucial to think about the greenhouse’s ultimate use from the get-go. Greenhouses are constructed to facilitate the optimal growth conditions for your crop. If you plan on growing a wide variety of annuals and perennials, you may need to design extra wiggle room into your greenhouse’s heating and ventilation system.

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If tomatoes are the sole plant you intend to cultivate in the greenhouse, they can be tailored to achieve maximum efficiency and output for that crop. Marijuana is a prohibited substance, so presuming you have gone through all the regulatory hoops to be handed one of the coveted cultivation licenses, it is doubtful that your marijuana greenhouse will produce any plants outside the cannabis family.

Consequently, it is important to pay attention to the conditions that result in the best cannabis harvest when cultivating the plant.

The 4 Cannabis Growth Stages Affect Greenhouse Zoning

Zone 1: Marijuana mother plants
Zone 2: Marijuana clones (cuttings)
Zone 3: Marijuana in the vegetative stage
Zone 4: Marijuana in the flower stage


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