Four Popular CBD Creams in the UK and Where to Buy Them

CBD Cream

CBD Creams

While most folks are aware of the cultural phenomenon of CBD gummies in the UK, some shoppers might not know of the other forms CBD comes in, and therefore, many items in their daily routine can be replaced with ones containing oil from the hemp plant instead.

One of the fastest growing ways people do that is using hemp cream products.

While researching CBD oil, many CBD topical creams are available on the UK market today. It is often found in-store or online, whether it’s CBD cold cream, generic CBD body lotion, or even fancy facial beauty skin toners that now contain CBD oil.

Look below at some different types of CBD creams for sale online.

Just CBD Cream

Manufactured: US

Price: £18 per 1000mg bottle

Pros: Natural smelling scents

JustCBD, which has offices in London and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has one among the widest selections of CBD topical cream UK. The brand stocks three scented lotions – strawberry, aloe, and lavender.

Depending on customers’ desire for different strengths, the lotions are available in three varying amounts of CBD; 125mg, 250mg, and 1000mg.

For shoppers just starting with CBD, it’s going to be a good idea to lower the dosage and see how the body will react to the CBD lotion.

The strength can be adjusted the easier they become with the lotion. JustCBD topicals continue with four separate roll-ons. The brand has its own heat-relief roll-on pain cream containing 350mg or 1,500mg of CBD.

There’s also a freeze pain-relief roll-on with 350 mg of CBD and a roll-on freeze cream containing 1500mg of CBD.

Other options purchasable online in Lincolnshire are the ultra relief 1000mg CBD gel, massage oil that comes with 250mg or 500mg of CBD, and a jar of CBD relief cream that comes in three sizes of two oz, 4 oz, or 8 oz.

Remember that once you use the full spectrum in any form, it might contain trace amounts of THC (less than 0.02 percent).

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Cannabotech CBD Oil UK

Manufactured: EU

Price: £59 per 25ml bottle

Cannabotech is unlike the other CBD company I have come across. Its approach to CBD facial cream within the UK is brilliant.

I’m going to quote from their site to explain The M2CBD Formula: “The M2CBD formula is a blend of high-quality traditional mushrooms (to help strengthen your immune system) and premium pharmaceutical-grade CBD.” These products make us feel like we are living in a new age.

The brand’s products provide the sweet company look and feel. Its deep hydrating cream is suitable for everyday areas that always require a little more effort, such as knees, elbows, or dry, patchy skin parts.

The merchandise comes in a 25ml pump bottle, and its primary focus is to moisturize dry and vulnerable skin.

Other CBD items from the corporate also include an anti-aging cream jar, a skin-lifting cream, a facial antioxidant cream, anti-aging serum, a skin-lifting cleansing balm, an eye-fixed cream, and a daily flawless skin lotion. Beyond CBD topicals, Cannobotech also produces sleep drops, relax drops, immunity support tablets, and lots more products.


Poko CBD Shop

Manufactured: EU

Price: £24 per 50ml CBD jar

Poko may be a vegan and cruelty-free skincare company that aims to transform customers’ skincare routine by using all-natural ingredients infused with high-quality CBD. Poko’s CBD cream for skin is simply the start of its offerings.

Overall, the brand’s website offers ten different CBD topicals, and two of them (correcting eye cream and regenerating collagen moisturizer) won a Beauty Bible product award in 2021. The company’s most standard hydrating moisturizer product may be a lightweight CBD-infused cream.

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It’s made with natural sugars and biometric moisturizers infused with CBD oil.

Poko also stocks SPF 50, but it doesn’t contain CBD. Other topical CBD products from Poko include its AHA Exfoliating Treatment, azelaic acid spot gel, and brightening rosewater toner as a luxury facial oil rich in omega fatty acids to help promote skin softness and plumpness, enriched with 300mg of CBD.

Orange County CBD

Manufactured: UK

Price: £35 per 1000mg muscle balm

Orange County CBD was born back in 2019 when two friends took a visit out to California with the intent of finding good quality hemp to revolutionize the UK CBD market.

One of the most decorated lines of the brand is its CBD skincare line, which incorporates a variety of CBD creams and balms.

The company’s 350mg CBD collagen cold cream is one of its most popular CBD lotions and contains collagen and CBD. Another offering is its muscle and joint balm, which comes in strengths of 1000mg or 2000mg.

One of the biggest benefits of buying from Orange County CBD is its buy more and save options.

When this advertorial was published, the brand offered 5 percent off for patrons who buy two products together, 10 percent off once they buy three items together, and a reduction of 30 percent for those who purchase a 12 pack.

Among Orange County’s CBD topicals are its deep freeze CBD muscle balm and CBD active heat balm. Both options are available in either 1000mg or 2000mg of CBD per container.

Orange County also sells one of its favorite CBD items, the CBD bath bomb. Their bomb contains 150mg of CBD, and I cannot think of a better way to improve your downtime than with one of these bombs containing broad-spectrum CBD, citrus and coconut volatile oil, and Epsom salt.

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Other Brands

When you look at the four online CBD shops in the UK that I have suggested here, you will notice that not one is like the other. AndOtherBrands stands alone within the list as it is a site designed to help shoppers learn more about CBD.

It’s a perfect solution for the expert and the beginner alike as the information there is as basic and detailed as you need.

The corporate also has a wonderful feature that allows shoppers to compare different items across many companies to see how they measure against one another.

Another useful page to test is the website’s deep dive reports prepared about many leading CBD retailers and manufacturers online.

They supply company details and go in-depth about where each company’s industrial hemp comes from and if they need links to the third-party testing that verifies their products.

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