Flathead officials to notice public remark on recreational marijuana

Flathead commissioners to take notice of public remark on a potential opt-out of recreational adult use of marijuana

On August 10, 2022, Wednesday, amidst huge chaos, the local administration of FC organized a meeting to discuss the retail and production of Cannabis (Marijuana) . 85 public representatives representing both sides were present and voting was done.

Loud chaos in the fourth-largest populated county, Flathead County(Fc) of Montana, U.S; whether FC is supporting adult recreational marijuana or conserving its safety potential.

Why be confused? When it is legal!

It’s a cold war between health and marijuana in FC, where hundreds of thousands of dollars are invested in the cultivation and dispensaries of this recreational product and providing lives to many through employment. But, likewise the same, it exploits the safety potential of the Children of FC and enhances the strength of black markets.

Aspect of concern raised in the issue is that the recreation tax is not properly allocated to the initiatives outlined on the ballot and the concentration of dispensaries in the evergreen area & proximity of the schools and businesses.

Though recreational marijuana is illegal at federal levels, Montana residents voted in favour of approving recreational marijuana as of January 01, 2022, for adults more than 21 years old. And along with a few terms and conditions:

  • It’s against the law to cross state lines or fly with marijuana. If you buy it here, be sure to consume it here.
  • The use of marijuana is still prohibited on all federal lands and waters, including Glacier National Park and U.S. forests.
  • An individual may purchase up to one ounce of marijuana per transaction.
  • The legal limit of marijuana you are allowed to possess is one ounce. Any amount over that is considered illegal and can be subject to fines.
  • You cannot consume cannabis in public. Be sure to check with the place you’re staying – hotel, motel, vacation house, etc. – to see if they allow consumption on their property.
  • Don’t drive under the influence of marijuana, as it can result in a DUI.
  • While there is no statewide sales tax in Montana, marijuana purchases include a flat 20% sales tax.

As per the last information from Kalispell, the decision has not been officially declared on who’s concern the Flathead county Commissioner or local Government is.

“Following the direction of the legislature, as provided for in the Montana Constitution, Flathead County could have restricted marijuana sales to certain zoned areas,” he said. “However, the Commissioners did not do this back in 2004 when medical marijuana was approved. Shops opened in Evergreen and now those same shops, through the legislative process can sell recreational marijuana. For the commissioners to require shops to close, would be a legal quagmire and would very likely cost the citizens a lot of money in legal costs, to no avail.”

Abell concerned that any process to opt-out in the county would need to start with a citizen initiative.

“If a majority of Flathead County voters truly want it repealed, which should be a straightforward process without the cost of litigation that would follow if it was placed on the ballot by the commissioners,” Abell said.

Abell added that he is a strong supporter of business and property rights and the owners of dispensaries have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into legal enterprises.

“With this in mind I will publicly state I have no intention of doing anything that would place this on the ballot,” he said.

Commissioners on Aug. 2 passed two resolutions regarding implementing a 3% tax on marijuana sales. Voters in November will be asked separately whether to approve a tax on recreational marijuana and on medical marijuana.

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