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Fact Checking Policy

Due to the proliferation of false information online, it is incumbent upon us to verify any claims made. When reporting on an emotionally charged subject, it is our highest priority to ensure that our readers are not offended.

To ensure precision in all of Our writing

Trust from readers or viewers is the most important factor for any media outlet. The only way to earn and keep people’s trust is to cover the news in a way that is accurate, fair, and balanced. It is essential that We keep pushing to improve the accuracy of all of Our content. For us, “due accuracy” refers to the precision that is not only up to snuff but actually rather nice. We take into account the topic at hand, the nature of the data being given, the background knowledge of the audience, and so on in our quest for precision. As journalists, we always do our best to report the truth, as confirmed by those most directly affected by the story.

investigate claims skeptically, test hypotheses, and question accepted knowledge. Even if we try our hardest, there will always remain unanswered questions. However, the rigor with which one must verify details in soft stories versus hard stories varies. For example, a favorable story praising the work of an NGO would require a different set of sources than an investigative piece would.

We adhere to the following standards to ensure the reliability of Our content:

Any news or analysis we air is guaranteed to have been vetted by experts and to be based on solid evidence. If we can’t independently verify a story’s veracity, we must properly credit the platform from where it originated.

Every effort is made to confirm any claims, allegations, or information attributed to official sources or from anyone we believe to have an agenda beyond merely reporting the facts. So, we qualify and emphasize assertions or allegations that we can’t independently confirm.

We have faith in the veracity of the data we present. If the opposite turns out to be true, we update the story or material as quickly as possible and make sure to correctly notify our readers.

We appreciate your trust in us and know how crucial it is to our success. Therefore, it is Our purpose to never knowingly distribute false information, to never alter content, and to never pass off fabrications as fact. Furthermore, we publicly accept and guarantee clear and acceptable corrections of serious factual errors when they are detected.

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