Emilia Clarke Says Part Of Her Brain Is ‘Missing’ After Aneurysms


It has been revealed that Emilia Clarke has spoken out about her experience surviving two brain aneurysms, in which she lost “quite a bit of the organ.” On the BBC’s Sunday Morning, Clarke talked about her health issues while promoting the Harold Pinter Theater’s production of Anton Chekhov’s “The Seagull.” This is the actress’s first time performing on the West End stage.

Clarke described it as “the most agonizing ache” he had ever experienced. ‘Game of Thrones’ was really beneficial in sweeping me up and giving me that purpose.” While filming the HBO series, Clarke had two life-threatening brain aneurysms: one in 2011 and one in 2013. Both of these medical crises demanded extended recuperation times. In 2019, Clarke made her first public admission about the challenging situation, with the promise that she is now entirely recovered.

For someone who has lost so much of her brain function, Clarke says it’s “amazing” that she can speak and carry on with her daily activities unhindered. “I am one of an extremely small percentage of people who can make it through it.” After recalling the moment she saw brain scans following the incidents, Clarke reminisced. Clarke remarked, “There’s quite a bit missing,” before bursting into a loud laugh.Emilia Clarke suffered two life-threatening strokes while filming Game Of Thrones | Her.ie

As a result of which, I’m always amused. The moment you lose blood flow to any portion of your brain, it’s gone. What’s absent is consequently gone since the blood takes a different way to get there.” She has subsequently founded the SameYou foundation to help others who have suffered a stroke or brain damage, but she has also put her own medical issues in the past and has come to terms with her current health situation.

Well, this is who you are. Your brain is like this.’ So there’s no point in racking your brains over what might not be,” Clarke added. “The Seagull,” Clarke’s upcoming film role, was also brought up during the interview. In ‘The Seagull,’ I had the chance to work with Jamie Lloyd, a director who has received critical acclaim and widespread acclaim for his work. A modern, stripped-down, raw [structure] is brave for such a beloved and well-known play,” Clarke noted.

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“It’s why you’re in the theatre.’ The anticipation is palpable. A brain aneurysm, a weak spot in a blood vessel in the brain that balloons and fills with blood, can cause bleeding into the brain when it explodes, but Emilia says she is one of the rare examples to have survived without any consequences.

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Emilia suffered a stroke in 2011 when her first aneurysm ruptured while she was filming the first season of Game of Thrones. After the second rupture in 2013, scans showed that the aneurysm had doubled in size, necessitating surgery. Emilia recently appeared on BBC1 to discuss the fact that a portion of her brain has been removed since the surgery. “She said,” “Your outlook broadens dramatically.

It’s incredible that I’m able to speak, sometimes articulately, and lead a regular life despite the fact that I’ve lost so much of my brain’s function. I’m one of the very few persons who can withstand such an ordeal.” The actress went on to describe the severity of her condition, saying, “I always find it hilarious that there is so much missing from this story. If you have a stroke and any portion of your brain loses blood supply for even a split second, it’s gone.

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As a result, the blood takes a different path, but whatever was absent is now gone.” As Nina in The Seagull, Emilia recently made her West End theatrical debut. The two-and-a-half hour play, she said, has gone off without a hitch, despite her health issues. There is no longer any mystery about what is going on in her brain because a part of it is missing.


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