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Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc (OTCMKTS: EMHTF) Uptrend Still In Play



Emerald Health Therapeutics

Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc (OTCMKTS: EMHTF) is edging lower after a meteoric start to the year that saw the stock rally by more than 50%. Amidst the pullback, another leg higher could be on its way on the Company delivering impressive financial results for Q1.

EMHTF Price Analysis

The earnings report indicate a year-over-year increase in sales alluding to underlying growth as the Company continues to benefit from increased cannabis production. The Company is also on course for yet another impressive year after signing a string of cannabis supply agreements, poised to accelerate sales growth.

The stock continues to trade close to the $2.70 mark from where it remains well supported for further upside action. Given the underlying uptrend, the stock is likely to make a run of the $3.4 resistance level on bouncing off the support level.

EMHTF Daily Chart

Conversely, failure to hold above the $2.70 support level could result in the stock sliding back to the $2 a share level, which happens to be the next support level.

Considering recent developments, Emerald Health Therapeutics remains well supported for another leg high on the steep pullback fading.

What Does Emerald Health Therapeutics Do?

Emerald Health Therapeutics is engaged in the production, distribution, and sale of medical cannabis products in Canada. The licensed producer holds a 50% stake in Pure Sunfarms with a 1.03 million square feet cannabis cultivation capacity. The Company is also in the process of completing a build-out of an 800,000 square for a cultivation facility in Quebec.

Recent Developments

An impressive earnings report could as well have provided investors a reason to continue pushing Emerald Health Therapeutics higher after a recent pullback. Sales growth, as well as increased cannabis production, are some of the milestones that continues to affirm the Company’s growth metrics.

Emerald Health Therapeutics Q4 sales more than tripled year-over-year to $1.1 million as Q1 2019 sales more than doubled sequentially to $2.6 million. During the year, the Company also signed an agreement with seven provinces paving the way for it to become a key cannabis supplier in Canada.

The management is projecting yet another record-breaking year as the 50/50 joint venture, Pure Sunfarms, moves to bring into full production one of the largest cannabis growing assets in the world.

“By further building upon our intellectual property and strategic partnerships, as well as our own internal expertise, we are working hard to increase market penetration through the development of new and differentiated ingestible and non-combustible products if, as expected, they become allowable before the end of 2019,” said Executive Chairman Avtar Dhillon.

Emerald Health Therapeutics remains well positioned to pursue growth initiative in 2019 after completing a string of equity financings in 2018. Gross proceeds of as much as $82 million from unit issuances and warrant exercises have all but strengthened the balance sheet, which should allow the company to complete a string of capital projects. The Company is also eyeing future expansions and acquisitions as it seeks to accelerate underlying growth.

Cannabis Supply Agreements

The signing of a letter of intent for the supply of cannabis to Quebec Market is another milestone that sets the stage for the Company to register robust revenue growth in 2019. Emerald Health Therapeutics is to supply cannabis from its Quebec-based Saint-Estate facility Verdélite as well as from its 50% owned joint venture Pure Sunfarms

The supply agreements pave the way for the Company to address a significant cannabis market given Quebec’s 8.4 million-population size.

“Verdélite is now near completion of the build-out of its 88,000 square foot indoor cultivation facility and has been scaling up production in licensed areas of the operation. We expect to be in full production and to also have nationwide distribution for the recreational market in the months ahead,” added Mr. Dhillon.

Bottom Line

Emerald Health Therapeutics fundamentals are still strong despite a recent slump in share price. The Company reporting impressive financial results depicted by year-over-year sales increase underscores the underlying growth.

Increased cannabis production supplemented by a string of cannabis supply agreements points to what could turn out to be an impressive year as the Company embeds itself in the burgeoning Canadian cannabis market.

The stock remains well positioned to climb the ladder after the recent pullback, given the underlying fundamentals that continue to support further upside action.

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Disclosure: We have no position in EMHTF and have not been compensated for this article.

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