Did Caillou Suffer From Cancer? Where Is The Proof That It Is True?

“Caillou” has irritated Canadian parents for years. Why is Caillou bald?

According to urban belief, the boy’s parents always let him have his way because he has cancer. Incorrect.

“Caillou” was based on a considerably younger novel character. Caillou was a 9-month-old in the story. Publishers thought that giving him hair would make him unrecognizable, so they kept him bald.

Caillou’s baldness makes him odd, but Chouette Publishing hopes it teaches kids that being different is normal.

Preschoolers commonly miss this element, according to the show’s website. “His baldness doesn’t bother preschoolers,” the site says. When asked why Caillou had no hair, focus groups chuckled and said, ‘He just doesn’t have any!’

Some say Caillou would look amazing with hair.

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