Deadly Shooting in Debbie Lane Modesto Standoff Leaving 1 Dead

Deadly Shooting in Debbie Lane Modesto Standoff

An investigation into a fatal shooting in Modesto

After an afternoon shooting that left one man dead, a standoff erupted in a Modesto neighborhood that ended late Sunday night. On the city’s north side, someone killed two people in Modesto, California. Officers who arrived on the scene discovered a dead man. CBS13 declared that the shooting took place as the neighbors were involved in a dispute, as stated by CBS13.

The Barricaded Suspect

1 Dead After Shooting In Modesto; Man, Woman In Custody After Standoff – CBS Sacramento

The suspect had locked himself in his home. Despite police claims they could contact him, he has not yet surrendered. A woman is also present inside the house, although authorities have not designated her as a hostage. As SWAT teams, armored vehicles, and police dogs rolled into the neighborhood, some residents were told to leave their homes, while others were told to stay put. It wasn’t until late Sunday night that they finally revoked the directives.

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Is The Suspect Identified?

Following the shooting, locals reported feeling uneasy. Unimportant arguments between neighbors sparked the shooting, which one woman described as frightening because “it could happen to anybody. As of this writing, they have not made the identity of the victim public.

How Was The Suspect Located?

As Lt. Felton Payne explains, police have confirmed that they can see the suspect and an adult female inside a house. That’s the only thing he knew for sure: There were no adults or children in the house. They have made many phone calls to persuade the suspect to peacefully surrender, as stated by Payne.

As far as he’s concerned, authorities are attempting to defuse the situation and allow things to play out. As of now, there have been none new reports of injuries, so far as the team’s knowledge goes. Thus, Rumble Road and Hemminger Way remain closed to traffic in the site’s vicinity.

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