DankeSuper Opens ‘Weed to Table’ Pop up in the Same Williamsburg Neighborhood Where the Locavore Food Movement Was Born

Dankesuper Opens


DankeSuper’s crop-up celebrates Brooklyn’s rich food and cannabis culture in a local space that feels uniquely intimate, offering a curated selection of high-quality gourmet products.

With Williamsburg serving as home to several of marijuana’s best-known food figures, the community surrounding DankeSuper plays a central role in cannabis culture.

Building on the synergy of dynamic culinary and agricultural relationships with the community, DankeSuper has opened a crop-up Store at 21 Dunham Place, by which they hope to realize a similar impact, offering South Williamsburg a collaborative, neighborhood-focused space, paired with transparent sourcing of quality hemp products.

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DankeSuper is devoted to enabling consumers to explore their options while encouraging them to choose the most appropriate products for their journey. Every item is organically grown, non-GMO, cruelty-free, vegan, and pesticide-free.

From the time he returned to South Williamsburg several years ago, DankeSuper founder Daniel Kaufman recalls observing the evolution his neighborhood was undergoing, as local establishments transformed the community, then served as anchors for a culture steeped in hospitality.

Brooklyn’s affinity for farm-to-table restaurants largely began with the opening of Andrew Tarlow’s Marlow and Sons, located in one of the less tourist-dense neighborhoods in South Williamsburg. Its fresh, organic style has come to define the locavore movement.

Before the opening of the Dunham Place Pop-Up Store on July 18th, the bulk of hemp-focused activity in Williamsburg occurred from trucks or amongst the proliferation of smoke shops. In contrast, the DankeSuper crop-up offers an artisanal client-centric approach with an experiential twist.

In addition to their signature Full Spectrum Hemp and Delta-8, HHC, THCP, and THCO products, the crop up will offer Bubble Hash (including edibles) and Premium Organic Indoor & Outdoor Flowers.

In typical Williamsburg’s foodie fashion, they’re going to introduce small-batch artisanal edibles, infused with Levo-based extractions, performed in-store. Plans for strain-specific edibles include exotics like Pinaphoria or McFlurry and Blue Dream.

There’s a Flower Stick Bar where customers are offered the chance to taste each strain’s essence through compostable flower sticks or by using an Omura heated element device.

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August will bring a pleasant range of experiential, educational events for the community, one of which will feature lessons and performances on her Steinway Grand by pianist Huizi Zhang @BeSoloist DankeSuper has partnered.

On a recent Friday afternoon, an Argentinian tourist in Williamsburg was overheard commenting, “I can eat dinner, attend galleries, hear music, and smoke weed – all on this one block. Surely, this is often the American Dream.”

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