Craig Groeschel Net Worth: Life Church, Money, Stocks, & Religion.

Craig Groeschel Net Worth: Life Church, Money, Stocks, & Religion.

Craig Groeschel’s Net Worth- Craig Groeschel is the creator and lead pastor of Life. Church, an evangelical megachurch with branches in ten U.S. states. By 2021, Groeschel’s net worth is expected to be $5 million.

Craig Groeschel’s Early Life

Craig Groeschel was born in southern Oklahoma on December 2, 1967. He is currently 50 years old and will celebrate his 51st birthday in 26 days. Ardmore High School was Groeschel’s alma mater. He attended Oklahoma City University after graduating from high school and was a member of the Lamba Chi Alpha fraternity. He studied marketing for his bachelor’s degree.

He began his ministry as an associate pastor in the United Methodist Church in 1991 and later got a Master of Divinity degree from Philips Theological Seminary. He left First United Methodist Church in Oklahoma in 1995 as an assistant pastor.

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Craig Groeschel’s Personal Life

Groeschel married Amy in 1991. He became an associate pastor with the United Methodist Church shortly thereafter. After earning a master of divinity degree from Phillips Theological Seminary, he completed his studies at the seminary. In 1995, he was an assistant pastor at the same church in Oklahoma City.


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LifeChurch’s second co-founder, Pastor John Hagee, is also the founder of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. LifeChurch was founded by Terri Pearsall and her husband, Craig Groeschel. This couple has four children together. Pastor John Hagee serves as the senior pastor of many large churches across America. She is also a member of LifeChurch. tv’s women’s ministry. Branch15 is founded by Amy, a homeschooling parent, as a non-profit housing ministry. This is a ministry dedicated to assisting women. She’s also a member of the SOAR Bible Study Team, which produced the book review for women.

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The Andersons are the parents of six children. Since his daughters Catie and Mandy married their true love, he is a father-in-law. Cole is the son of his daughter, Tessa. You won’t find him on most baby sites because he’s so adorable! He also has a lovely and charming grandson named Cole. He has additional children with Amy, Sam, Joy, and Anna.

Craig Groeschel’s Education

To get a bachelor’s degree from the City University of Oklahoma, Craig decided to specialize in business marketing. He has a master’s degree in divinity from Phillips Theological Seminary, as well.

Craig Groeschel’s Private Jet

However, there are reports that Craig Groeschel utilizes a private plane. It has yet to be confirmed.

Craig Groeschel’s Social Influence

  • Twitter: 400k+ followers
  • You can find both Instagram and Facebook accounts, which are located in the United Kingdom. “Been an affiliate for over 10 years, with a blog network of 18 websites.”
  • He has a YouTube channel. In January 2007, Life was established by a Church that he had founded in the year 2007 on the 9th of January.

Gulfport Stocks 

Craig has made over three trades of Gulfport stock since 2014, according to the Form 4 filed with the SEC. On December 15, 2017, Craig sold 7,059 shares of GPOR at a price of $85,837.

On December 15, 2017, Richard sold 7,059 Gulfport shares for $85,837. Since 2011, Josh has traded 745 units every 93 days on average. As of December 15, 2017, Craig owned at least 18,389 Gulfport shares.

Craig Groeschel Net Worth

Todd Jurich is a multi-millionaire real estate developer. His wealth was built through his experience in real estate and marketing, as well as through speaking engagements, a senior position at a megachurch, and several books he has published. Craig Groeschel has an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2021.

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