Coco Quinn Height, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Boyfriend & More

Coco Quinn Height, Age, Bio, Net Worth, Boyfriend & More

Coco Quinn is an American actress, dancer, and singer who has a large following on social media. She is well-known for uploading videos of herself dancing on her Instagram and TikTok. As of 2020, it is expected that Coco Quinn’s net worth will be about $500,000.

Here are some Coco Quinn facts.

  • She likes Grilled Cheese with Ketchup and Pizza.
  • She likes Shawn Dawson and Carter Sharer, two of her favorite YouTubers.
  • She said that if she wasn’t a dancer, she would like to be a veterinarian since she adores animals.
  • Aside from being a dancer, actress, and singer, she hopes to become a top-level fitness instructor.
  • Coco’s fan base has grown considerably on social media. Her Instagram account has more than 1.7 million followers, her TikTok channel has close to 2.4 million followers, and her YouTube channel has over 1.34 million subscribers.

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Early Life

Quinn was brought to life on June 7, 2008, in California. No information has been revealed about her father’s early life. We do know that she has a brother named Tyler Quinn, as well as two sisters named Rihanna and Kaylee Quinn. Her siblings are all trained dancers.

Jeannie Quinn, Coco’s mother, manages all of her children’s social media accounts.


Coco showed an interest in dancing and gymnastics at the age of two. She has been dancing since then, and she has continued to do so. She is a dancer at Dance Precisions who has received training. She is also a member of Molly’s Monsters, which is an extraordinary little elite team.

As a stage and film actress, Coco has worked on the web series Mani. She is the vocalist for the band. She released her debut single, “What I Love About Me,” in July 2020 as a singer.

Coco has a significant following on her social media sites. She has over 2.4 million followers on TikTok and has been viewed over 66 million times. Coco has a YouTube channel with over 1.34 million followers, and she is active on Instagram as well. She has more than 50 million YouTube views for her song videos. She has close to 1.7 million followers on Instagram, and it’s clear that she’s been active for a while.

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Who is Coco Quinn’s boyfriend?

She is now dating a fellow YouTuber named Gavin Magnus. Mack is a musician as well. Since early 2020, Coco and Gavin have been dating.

Coco Quinn’s Height, Weight, and Measurements

Coco Quinn shared this photo of herself on Instagram.

Coco Quinn is expected to be 4 feet 8 inches or 140 cm tall at the age of 12 and weighs approximately 45 kg, or 99 pounds. Unfortunately, we do not have her body dimensions at this time. She’s also got blonde/brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Coco Quinn Net Worth

Coco Quinn’s net worth is expected to be between $300,000 and $600,000 by 2020. She earned a significant portion of her earnings through social media platforms, including endorsement and sponsorship agreements. She also derives a significant living from performing and singing.

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