Are Cindy and Taylor from Baking Impossible Dating? Netflix viewers with Lots of Dating Qs

We have witnessed many baking competitions as well as math, engineering, and physics championships. However, have we ever seen one that utilizes both at once? Probably not, at least until recent years.

On the Netflix show Baking Impossible, each team is made up of a baker and an engineer, and each challenge will use both of their skills. Cindy and Taylor, the most popular duo on Baking Impossible, competed against other cake-making competitors. Let’s examine the controversy surrounding Cindy and Taylor’s relationship.

Who are Cindy and Taylor?

Cindy is an enthusiastic baker (which Taylor performs as a side interest), and they both competed together on Baking Impossible. Cindy, who resides in Roseville and San Jose, has a wealth of expertise on two Food Network cooking shows The Big Bake, Episode 3, and Cake All. In fact, she won on her debut in both of these programs.

Taylor is a contract researcher in the Future Technology Group of Accenture Labs. He works out of San Francisco and builds prototypes and does research on Smart Materials. Before that, he worked for Deeplocal, where he made interactive systems and experiences, such as robots for Google.

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Are Cindy and Taylor dating?

Meanwhile, people are curious about Cindy and Taylor’s relationship status. We can affirm that they are not. Despite their lovely friendship, they are not dating.

Cindy is dating Jason, and they just got a new dog together. The dog’s name is Tater Tot Nelson. On the other hand, Taylor appears to be single.

Several comments on his Instagram page asking if he and Cindy are dating since many people who watch the show have seen how well they get along.

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Netflix viewers with lots of Dating Qs

Fans did not miss their chemistry and hoped and wanted that they were dating in real life, not only on the show. Looking at Cindy and Taylor’s Instagram and Twitter accounts, fans are quite curious as to whether or not they are romantically involved.

One admirer asked, “Are Cindy and Taylor already together?” E6.

Someone else posed the question, “Is there sexual tension between Cindy and Taylor, or am I projecting?” # BakingImpossible.”

“Have you ever interacted with Cindy before?” Amazing chemistry, you two! “, a follower said on Taylor’s Instagram photo.

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