CBD as a new post-operative pain relief

CBD Effective for Pain Management After Surgery

  • Researchers say cannabidiol (CBD) can be effective for pain management after rotator cuff surgery.
  • They add that CBD usually doesn’t produce serious side effects or a high risk of addiction.
  • Experts say CBD can be an effective postoperative pain treatment for a number of surgeries.

“There is an urgent need for viable alternatives for pain management, and our study presents this form of CBD as a promising tool after arthroscopic rotator cuff repair,” says lead investigator Michael J. Alaia, MD, associate professor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at NYU Langone Health, in a media release. “It could be a new, inexpensive approach for delivering pain relief, and without the side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs like NSAIDs and addiction risks linked to opiates. Additionally, CBD has the benefit of pain relief without the psychotropic effects associated with THC or marijuana.”

The participants’ pain level was recorded on days one two, seven, and 14. Researchers used the visual analogue scale for pain, opioid consumption, and satisfaction with pain control. Liver function was measured on days seven and 14 to assess safety and nausea was monitored.

The researchers reported that on day one the VAS pain score was significantly lower in those receiving CBD. Additionally, although it wasn’t significant, patient satisfaction with pain control trended toward favoring the CBD group. However, researchers also found that there were no statistically significant differences in opioid consumption between the two groups.

The people receiving 50 mg of CBD reported lower VAS scores on day one and higher satisfaction with pain control on days one and two compared to those receiving 25 mg of CBD and the control group.However, later in the trial, the effects of CBD on the study measures were seen to wane.On days seven and 14, researchers reported there were no statistically significant differences in VAS score, opioid consumption, or patient satisfaction with pain control. Nor were there significant differences in nausea or liver function.

How does CBD prevent post-operative pain?

You must first note that we already naturally produce cannabinoids in our bodies, which interact with our endocannabinoid receptors.

These receptors are responsible for the body’s pain sensations and immune response, thereby controlling how we perceive pain and how inflamed our muscles and joints become. At times, the body is unable to produce sufficient cannabinoids (due to stress, poor sleep & diet), which have a devastating impact on our ability to regulate pain and inflammation.

By supplementing with plant-sourced cannabinoids, we are helping our body to regulate itself better to maintain a state of balance without excessive pain or inflammation.

By having CBD and other cannabinoids, we can help soothe major sensations of discomfort or agony from reaching the brain, which may allow people to rest and recover better after the surgery.

For the same reason, people often turn to CBD to deal with stress and anxiety.

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