Caroline Brooks Net Worth , Earnings, Spa and Acting

Caroline Brooks Net Worth , Earnings, Spa and Acting

She is the daughter of Honduran immigrant parents, Caroline Brooks is a first-generation American and proud Afro-Latina with a passion for business. In 2010, Caroline and her ex-husband moved from Massachusetts to Dubai.

During their marriage, Caroline served as the Marketing Manager for her corporate group, giving her a taste of what it’s like to run a big business in the Emirates. First female wealth managers. , Caroline has forayed into the beauty industry with Glass House Salon and Spa, a luxury salon that caters to women of all colors, hairstyles, and skin types.

Caroline Brooks Net Worth

Caroline is estimated to have a net worth of $ -6 million, with a monthly income of $80,000-85,000, according to Wikibious. With her wealth and success, Caroline Brooks is quite similar to other True Housewives who thrive on their own businesses. In addition to real estate, she also runs a luxury spa and salon called “The Glasshouse Dubai”, which brings urban and modern American style to the people of Dubai.

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It’s a business she’s especially proud of because it’s based on all of her ideas and hard work, and she does it all by herself, without a partner. Caroline also uses her money for good causes and her Instagram bio reveals that she is a philanthropist. She used her connections to build her empire and is currently considering opening a full-service spa.

Caroline Brooks

Despite the breakdown of her marriage, Caroline always knew how to take care of herself. She has proven herself to be a real boss by earning a degree in real estate and working for a brokerage firm in Dubai. One of Caroline’s other lucrative ventures was as the chief executive officer of a real estate company called Rent DXB. This is a position she has held for over four years.

Besides that, she is also the owner and founder of a spa and salon called The Glasshouse Dubai. Luxury spa exclusively for people with different skin types, hair structures, etc. There are too many high-end beauty salons in the world that only serve one customer. Caroline’s Spa exists to help anyone looking for a beauty treatment.

The latest news about Caroline is that she is friends with none other than Phaedra Parks. The reality TV stars quickly bonded over shared interests such as their desire to run successful businesses and their love of Versace. According to Bravo TV, Caroline assisted Phaedra in her search for love. Caroline was even willing to go so far as to arrange a blind date with Phaedra with a new man.
The friendship between Caroline and Phaedra is inherently extremely interesting for fans of The Real Housewives of Dubai. Since there’s usually so much negative drama between the stars of Real Housewives, it’s refreshing to see the two women getting along so well.

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