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Cannex Capital Holdings Inc. (OTCMKTS: CNXXF) A Long-Term Play Despite Price Slump



Cannex Capital Holdings

A strategic merger with 4Front coming on the heels of Pure Ratios holding acquisition affirms why Cannex Capital Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS: CNXXF) prospects can only get better despite the recent price slump. The transformational events expand the Company’s operations into six U.S states signaling push for market value in the burgeoning cannabis sector.

Cannex Price Analysis

While Cannex has taken a significant hit in the market, it is still up for the year after an excellent start that saw it rally by more than 200%. The stock has since pulled lower in what appears to be a correction phase.

The ongoing pullback has since exposed the stock to a crucial support at the $1 a share level. A breach of the support level would leave the stock susceptible to further drops probably back to the $0.80 mark, a critical technical level.

CNXXF Daily Chart

For the stock to resume its uptrend, it first needs to rise and stabilize above the $1.20 mark, the immediate resistance level. The stock rallying and finding support above the $1.2 mark would open the door for bulls to fuel a rally back to 52-week highs.

About Cannex

Cannex is a diversified company that leases real estate properties and sells supplies to cannabis cultivators. The Company also offers financial services as well as branding and IP services to licensed cannabis operators. It is also focused on premium indoor cultivation extraction and branding of edible and derivative products.

Cannex-4Front Merger

The stock edging lower after a stellar start to the year comes at a time when Cannex is in the process of merging with 4Front, following the signing of a definitive agreement. The Company’s shareholders have already approved the merger that will result in a combined company its operations in six states in the U.S

An alliance between the two companies is to result in a combined company with a share management philosophy of driving best practices throughout cannabis operations.

“Since our original formation, Cannex has been strategically focused on building vertically integrated operations in multiple states and, upon closing the business combination with 4Front, we expect to become one of the largest multi-state operators in North America with room for continued growth,” said Anthony Dutton, CEO of Cannex.

4Front Strategic Acquisitions

The merger comes high on the heels of 4Front completing two major acquisitions, set to expand the combined Company’s operations into Massachusetts and Arizona.  Healthy Pharms, which boasts of two dispensaries in Georgetown and Harvard square, is one of the entities that the Company has acquired.

With the acquisition, the Combined Company will gain access to a large cannabis production facility in Georgetown that will act as a processing hub. Green Goddess is the other company that 4Front has acquired that boasts of licenses for operating a cannabis production facility in Arizona.

The two acquisitions will provide the combined company an immediate platform for ramping up growth in Massachusetts recreational market.

The mergers come high on the heels of Cannex inking a deal to acquire a 100% stake in San Diego-based Pure Ratios Holding.  With the acquisition, the company stands to strengthen its positioning in the CBD and cannabis wellness category.

Pure Ratios Holdings joins the Company with vast expertise when it comes to integrating CBD into a variety of form factors including a 96-hour transdermal patch.  The integration of the Company into a combined company of Cannex and 4front should go a long way in accelerating growth given its exposure to the burgeoning California cannabis market.

“The Pure Ratios product line is broad and well developed, which will only improve with additional support from Cannex. As we look at potential acquisitions, Pure Ratios instantly struck us as a unique opportunity with a core and complementary product focus,” said Anthony Dutton, Cannex CEO.

Bottom Line

While Cannex has taken a significant hit, the pullback could pave the way for further rallies. A merger with 4Front is a significant development poised to strengthen the Company’s long-term prospects as well as growth metrics in the cannabis sector.

The two companies have already completed strategic acquisitions that enhance the push for market value in the multi-billion-dollar sector. The pullback finding support above the $0.80 mark should make it an ideal pullback play as the pursuit for market share in the sector heats up.

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Disclosure: We have no position in CNXXF and have not been compensated for this article.

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