Cannabis Global Chooses AGORACOM to Launch IR and Social Media Programmes

Cannabis Global, Inc., a licenced cannabis manufacturer and distributor based in Los Angeles, is pleased to announce that it has retained AGORACOM Investor Relations ( to provide online investor relations services for small-cap investors and public companies through its industry-leading platform and social media channels.

In 2022, AGORACOM had 700 million page views from 8.8 million investors who went to AGORACOM’s channels more than 63 million times. This was more than 400 percent more than the average engagement rate in the industry.

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Top Website

According to Amazon’s Alexa website ranker, is rated in the top 0.15 percent of all websites worldwide.

In 2021, as the only industry-verified Twitter account, AGORACOM exceeded 13 million impressions with an engagement rate 260% over industry averages, while its YouTube channel produced 3.6 million minutes of small-cap investors viewing films.

AGORACOM will create and distribute company-approved, original content in a variety of formats and lengths to keep Cannabis Global’s current shareholders informed and to reach and attract new potential shareholders and investors.

This will give Cannabis Global significant exposure to small-cap investors.

AGORACOM will also set up a “Verified” Discussion Forum for Cannabis Global. This forum will offer verified and monitored discussions about Cannabis Global so that as many Cannabis Global shareholders and potential investors as possible can take part.

Due to the rapid growth of social media conversations about small cap companies on platforms like Twitter, Discord, and unmoderated small cap forums, it’s hard to keep track of how management and shareholders talk to each other.

AGORACOM Verified Forums will provide Cannabis Global and its shareholders with a unified platform designed to enable high-quality participation via respectful, constructive, and factual contributions that may be shared on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

A customised and monitored Cannabis Global IR HUB will be available right away at This will allow management to communicate with shareholders at any time and in near real-time through an electronic shareholder forum at

With a Verified AGORACOM checkmark next to their profile pictures, shareholders and potential investors in Cannabis Global will be able to find out quickly who is in charge of business and management.

Investors are not required to log in in order to view postings. Investors who want to ask questions, make comments, or talk to CBGL can sign in right away using their Facebook or LinkedIn login information, or they can set up a new account.

In addition to text, the HUB will also make it possible for Company management to send audio messages, video presentations, ZOOM Interviews, webcasts, and podcasts.

Mr. Manolos, the Cannabis Global Director, said, “The Company expects its shareholders and investors to be more involved because of AGORACOM’s efforts.”

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With more than 400 firms serviced, AGORACOM is the industry leader in internet marketing, broadcasting, conferences, and investor relations services for small-and mid-cap public companies in North America. Over the last 13 years, more than 8.8 million investors have called AGORACOM home, visiting 63.3 million times, and reading more than 700 million pages of information.

Because the rules for moderation are the strictest in the business and are followed to the letter, the average visit lasts 8 minutes and 43 seconds, which is more than twice as long as visits to international financial websites.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

Cannabis Global, Inc., which has its headquarters in Los Angeles and reports to the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission under the ticker code CBGL, is a fully audited company. We are a rising power in the cannabis industry with an expanding product line and a portfolio of exclusive intellectual property.

What we promote and manufacture is the Comply Bag(TM), a cutting-edge method of transporting, monitoring, and storing cannabis. We licence our technology to Natural Plant Extract (NPE), a Southern California-based cannabis producer and distributor, to make edibles for the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Global continues to run an aggressive R&D programme and has submitted three non-provisional and several provisional patent applications for cannabis infusion and nanoparticle technology.

Forward-Looking Statements

The term “forward-looking statements” refers to information in this press release that is not strictly historical and might include assertions about beliefs, plans, expectations, or intentions for the future. Words like “anticipate,” “seek,” “intend,” “believe,” “estimate,” “expect,” “project,” “plan,” or similar expressions.

Under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, these may be “forward-looking statements. “These statements include, among other things, the development, costs, and outcomes of new business opportunities.

Due to a variety of variables, actual results may vary from those anticipated in any forward-looking statements. These variables include, among others, the intrinsically erratic character of start-up businesses, the future health of the economy in the US and internationally, the effect of competition, and the company’s dependence on current laws governing the use and manufacturing of cannabis-based goods.

As of the date this press release came out, these are our predictions. We don’t have to change them or explain why the real results might be different from what we predicted.

Even though we believe the ideas, plans, expectations, and intentions expressed in this press release are realistic, we cannot promise that they will come to pass.

The Securities and Exchange Commission recommends investors carefully review all of the included information as well as the security considerations disclosure provided in our annual report on Form 10-K, quarterly reports on Form 10-Q, and other periodic reports periodically filed with the SEC. Please visit for further details.

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