Cannabis Confidential: David Ortiz Gets In The Marijuana Game

Cannabis Confidential: Baseball's 'Big Papi' gets in the marijuana game

Just four days after being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, Big Papi announced he was launching his own line of cannabis products, confirming rumors that have swirled in the industry for years.

His first product, manufactured and sold by Revolutionary Clinics, was a set of rounded blunt instruments vaguely resembling baseball bats called Sweet Sluggers.

Baseball Legend David 'Big Papi' Ortiz Gets Into Weed, Will Launch Cannabis Line With Rev Brands - Benzinga

Baseball Legend David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz Gets Into Weed, Will Launch Cannabis Line With Rev Brands

Press According to his release, other products are also in development, including vape cartridges, salves, and edible chocolate made from fair-trade Dominican chocolate.

On the Bradfor Show podcast hosted by Red Sox beat writer Rod Bradford, former closer Jonathon Papelbon said Big Papi refused to try cannabis.

Papelbon said of his conversation about cannabis with the 7th-degree Silver Slugger, “I was trying to make [Ortiz] understand that the faster he recovers, the better he feels the next day.” At the beginning of his career, he said, “You’re a crazy white man. You redneck!”

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Baseball legend David Ortiz has entered the marijuana game.

Big Papi’s Cannabis History

Founded in 2014, the company will be the first major cannabis brand in Revolutionary’s portfolio. With a growing facility in Fitchburg and pharmacies in Cambridge and Somerville, the company is one of the largest wholesalers of cannabis products in Massachusetts.

Big Papi’s products are available through a variety of retailers, including Worcester-based pharmacies such as Diem Cannabis and Bud’s Goods and Provisions.

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Papi Cannabis

News of Dad’s new cannabis venture has sparked an outcry from Massachusetts to his hometown of Santo Domingo. When asked for comment, some in the cannabis industry were thrilled to involve the 10-time MLB All-Star and 3-time World Series champion.

“Big Papi represents the American Dream and serves as an inspiration and reminder that diversity makes our nation stronger, both inside and outside cannabis,” said the multinational law firm. said Andrew Klein, Senior Counsel on Cannabis Law and Policy at Perkins Coie LLP.

Even though Big Papi is one of the country’s biggest icons, some commentators in his home country weren’t enthusiastic about his new cannabis business.

Many of them argued that marijuana use was a gateway to more potent drugs, or that Ortiz’s involvement with cannabis sent the wrong message to young baseball players. Alfredo Villasmil, a writer for the Dominican sports news site RECORD, told readers, “I don’t know about you, but I seem to have a lot of side effects. Big Daddy, who is not a doctor, says it’s okay.” That’s why it’s important to avoid joint smoking.

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Prohibitionists in Ortiz’s hometown needn’t worry too much for now. Papi Cannabis products are only available in Massachusetts for the time being. Revolutionary has also publicly stated that it hopes to expand into other markets in the state, but I doubt Ortiz’s brand new has made a big impression outside of England.

In places like New York and Maryland, Yankee and Orioles fans are more likely to burn the packaging than the product inside.

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