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Senators Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker mentioned Vince Sliwoski in a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland last week, calling for an end to the federal prohibition of marijuana use. DEA should remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act in order to legalize it at the federal level, according to the Warren-Booker letter dated October 6, 2021.

According to the letter, an article by Vince in 2018 discussed the United Nations’ progress toward legalizing marijuana on a global scale. Since 2016, Warren has penned a number of high-profile letters on the subject of marijuana legalization.

Initially, her goal was to move “marijuana” from Schedule I to Schedule II under the Controlled Substances Act, which governs federal drug policy. During that time, Vince weighed in on Warren’s suggestion and argued that not scheduling was a superior option to rescheduling.

Canna Law Blog Cited by U.S. Senators in Letter to the Attorney General - Canna Law Blog™

Was Warren paying attention to what I was saying? Yes, that is what we hope.

The more current Warren/Booker letter follows the suggested path and serves as an excellent illustration of how prominent politicians’ views on cannabis policy have developed over the last half-decade about Having Warren, Booker and others keep going is the best news.

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Warren recently signed on to yet another letter, this one written to Garland and President Biden, and HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, calling for the not scheduling of marijuana and pardons for those convicted of crimes involving the drug. We have our doubts that this will happen anytime soon. The importance of steadfast advocacy cannot be overstated.

The Warren-Booker letter is not the first time our cannabis company lawyers have had the U.S. Government’s ear on cannabis. For federally chartered credit unions assisting the hemp business, our law firm was recruited by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) in 2019. This is why Vince and Hilary Bricken traveled to D.C. as part of our practice group chair’s role in advising NCUA.

Canna Law Blog Cited by U.S. Senators in Letter to the Attorney General - Canna Law Blog™

Earl Blumenauer’s congressional aides have consulted Vince on federal cannabis policy and law since 2017. Canna Law Blog has been published daily for more than a decade. Since then, our cannabis law and policy attorneys have set the bar for all others in the industry regarding research and analysis.

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Receiving recognition at the highest levels of government and even being hired for a position is a rewarding experience. Even at the highest levels of government, we will continue to fight for progress in the cannabis business.


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