#black AF Season 2: Renewal Status, Release Date & More Updates in 2023!

#black AF Season 2

American comedy Black-ish by Kenya Barris has gained a fair amount of success. This program falls under the mockumentary category.

The show’s name was inspired by the abbreviation AF, which in online slang stands for as fuck.

The popularity of Black AF can be ascribed to its compelling ensemble, funny banter, and insightful comments on racism.

Kenya Barris, the star of the show, portrays a fictionalized version of himself. In-depth discussions of relationship, ethnic, and cultural barriers were all included in this series.

As a result, both viewers of other races and those of African heritage have developed a sizable fan base for the show.

#blackAF Season 2 Renewal Status

The comedy’s second season will begin airing in June 2020. But a year later, Netflix changed its mind and decided against it. Netflix reportedly canceled its order for a second season in June 2021.

However, there are rumors that Barris is in early negotiations with Netflix to turn #blackAF into a comedy film series.

#blackAF Season Cast


  • Rashida Jones as Joya Barris
  • Kenya Barris as Kenya Barris
  • Iman Benson as Drea Barris
  • Genneya Walton as Chloe Barris
  • Scarlet Spencer as Izzy Barris
  • Justin Claiborne as Pops Barris
  • Ravi Cabot-Conyers as Kam Barris


  • Richard Gardenhire Jr. as Brooklyn Barris
  • Gil Ozeri as Danny
  • Bumper Robinson as Broadway
  • Nia Long as Lavette
  • Angela Kinsey as Leeza
  • Doug Hall as Marquise

#blackAF Season 2 Storyline

#black AF Season 2

Season 1 follows Drea, the daughter of Kenya and Joya, as she works hard to produce a documentary that will stand out on her application to film school.

Like any other family, the outrageous family clashes throughout the season for unimportant issues. Joya’s sentiments of confinement as a full-time mother after giving up her job as a lawyer cause her relationship with Kenya to deteriorate.

Kenya yelled at Joya while they were on holiday in Fiji because she had kept him in the dark about her book signing.

He learns by watching an episode of his own show, Black-ish, that he was wrong to not back his wife’s decision to seek a new career. The family gets along and goes back to their house.

Season 2 might feature more of the Barris family’s unvarnished honesty and sensitivity. As a result, Kenya and Joya are likely to have a better relationship and turn out to be better parents.

Kenya might gain insight into how to deal with his rebellious kids, while Joya might try to restart her career.

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#blackAF Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the program premiered on Netflix on April 17, 2020. We anticipated that season two will debut in the same month the following year because of its early renewal.

That won’t be the case now that the show has been canceled.

There haven’t been any reports about the franchise getting another movie adaptation.

Will #black Af Return as A Movie?

#black AF Season 2

The movies will follow Barris and his TV family, which includes his wife Rashida Jones, as they travel. The idea was influenced by the 1980s classic National Lampoon’s Vacation flicks.

In a thorough interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Kenya Barris said that while Netflix had already purchased Season 2, he and the company were instead intending to create two standalone #blackAF films.

Given that Netflix has substantial markets in both Brazil and Mexico, it makes natural that both movies would be produced there.

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#blackAF Season 1 Review

Because of Slavery, Because of Slavery Too, and Hard to Believe, But Still Because of Slavery are just a few of the episodes’ names that make it evident that Barris is thinking about black history.

A surprisingly watchable series is produced by this odd but fascinating mashup of genres. Although this joke is a touch hasty, it wonderfully depicts Kenya’s outlook on the world.

Barris is ready to live it up after generations of struggle, both to uphold his family’s legacy and to demonstrate to his neighbors that you don’t have to be a rapper, athlete, or drug dealer to flaunt your wealth.

Barris has desired to be like wealthy people since he was a small child and noticed them wearing jewelry as a status signal.

He’s not any of those things—just a terrific TV writer—but he still cares about what people think of him because of it.

The fact that Kenya and Joya aren’t shown as perfect parents, despite this being a main theme of the show, may turn off some viewers.

Although I like the contrast of their sweet and sour flavors, I can see how it would offend those who prefer more conventional family-friendly programming.

This program does focus on the black experience, but it also examines the wealthiest 1% of society, and I find that combination to be both engaging and maybe polarizing.

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