Billionaire medical marijuana tycoon seeks justice after brother’s death in Mallorca, Spain


“Your mourning can only come with justice,” Maximillian White says as he and his family relax on the expansive patio of the property they rented in the south of Mallorca, one of the Spanish Balearic Islands.

The British billionaire (and Europe’s richest medical marijuana magnate, with €3.5 billion worth of shares in the business) puffs on a cigarette as he describes what transpired in the early hours of July 26 at the Boomerang nightclub in Magaluf, Mallorca.

In this context, he alludes to the fight between his brother and the security personnel. Tobias, his younger brother, was 35 years old when he died as a result of the incident. He spent five days in a coma in a hospital in Palma, Mallorca’s city.

After an initial scuffle with bouncers, the Civil Guard in Spain determined that the officers who went to the club to arrest Tobias did not engage in any form of violence or assault against him. But the family of the deceased claims that the police officers’ use of excessive force in arresting Tobias was the direct cause of his death.

Maximillian White: Billionaire medical marijuana tycoon seeks justice after brother's death in Mallorca, Spain | Spain | EL PAÍS English Edition

The White family claims its claims are corroborated by the statements of 13 people who have submitted sworn testimony and by the 56 videos they have collected from people who were at the club that night and captured the incident.

The autopsy is being conducted by the Palma Forensic Anatomical Institute, and they have sent samples to the Institute of Toxicology in Barcelona so that they can run additional tests there to ascertain the victim’s cause of death.

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The family has hired their own forensic expert, and White’s attorney, Jaime Campaner, has asked for a second autopsy to be performed on the body. White gives a thorough description of the evening in question, during which the family visited an acrobatic show and a restaurant on Magaluf Avenue for dinner.

Although Maximillian’s eldest son and his pals wished to remain out late, he did not share their enthusiasm. “I had an argument with my brother, who accused me of being too strict with them. He told me to give them some air and that he would go with them.” He said I was to let them out of the car, and he would accompany them.

They went to the Boomerang club’s VIP section and stayed there all night until they left. Tobias, who was shirtless, stepped outside to call a taxi for his nephew. According to White, a security guard informed Tobias that his items had been removed from the table and that he needed to put his shirt on and leave the club when he returned.

Maximillian White: Billionaire medical marijuana tycoon seeks justice after brother's death in Mallorca, Spain | Spain | EL PAÍS English Edition

He and his pal “went to the bar to have a final drink and wait to collect his T-shirt. He had to wait because he was told that they removed his belongings from the VIP section.” A few seconds later, bouncers “grabbed him from behind” as he left the club. Not knowing who it was, he resisted.

Videos, according to the businessman, indicate that eight security personnel surrounded his brother on the floor, handcuffed him, and “held him down, sat on him, beat him, kicked him, and ultimately contributed to his impending death.”

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In some of the club’s recorded footage, his brother may be seen face down on the floor with several security guards on top of him. Still, other pictures show him being led away from the club while handcuffed and appearing just half awake.

Maximilian claims that other of the Guardia Civil officers who responded to the scene also acted in a disgraceful manner. Both times his brother fell into cardiac arrest, he was able to be brought back to life.

Conflicting iterations

The victim’s relatives dispute the Guardia Civil’s account of what happened in the club. According to Guardia Civil sources, Tobias was shirtless and inebriated in Boomerang. “He headbutted one of the security guards, who restrained him,” the sources say.

According to the findings of the investigation, the venue called the police after receiving a tip. The victim was determined to be “very violent,” and he had to be controlled before the paramedics could administer a sedative to him “because he was injuring himself” while he lay on the floor.

According to the report filed by the Guardia Civil, Tobias tested positive for cocaine, cannabis, alcohol, and synthetic substances; with the arrival of the ambulance, Tobias went into cardiac arrest, and the paramedics administered tranquilizers. We refute without any doubt that he was beaten,” the Spanish police force has said.

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Tobias was taken by ambulance to the Son Llàtzer hospital in Palma after he collapsed after two heart attacks. From the time he arrived at the hospital until he was declared brain dead three days later, he remained under constant sedation in the intensive care unit.

The 31st of July was the day that Tobias’s family made the difficult decision to turn off his life support due to the terminal nature of his condition. White fetched a dependable physician from Mexico to provide a second opinion.

The victim’s brother alleges he was not allowed to visit Tobias for the first two days of his hospital stay because Tobias was “in police custody, in handcuffs while sedated in the ICU.”

The autopsy will determine the cause of death, which may reveal that the victim died from an overdose, asphyxiation, or overwork.

White claims that there was “brutality” on the side of the police and “negligence” on the part of the hospital. One of the world’s 2,500 billionaires, here I am. He cautions,

“We have hundreds of people working on this 24 hours a day, and that gives us a distinct advantage over the average person as we wage this war.”

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Big teddy bear is how White characterizes his sibling. Tobias was the CEO of a digital firm in Dubai and the proud father of two young daughters.

The family is preparing for legal action by returning the body to Nottingham. The family’s efforts have been backed by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office of the United Kingdom.


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