Best 10 Social Media Outlets for Cannabis

The cannabis market has risen rapidly during the last five years. This upward rise will continue as the regulatory framework starts to favor this industry and adjacent companies. Cannabis may be used recreationally in the United States by adults over 21. Drug usage and possession are now totally legal in 11 of the 50 states in the US.

This advancement makes it possible to sell cannabis and associated items lawfully. Although they are growing in popularity, the narrative was not the same before.

Previously, accounts for several cannabis-related businesses were unexpectedly closed. Because the Apple and Google app stores refuse to offer cannabis-related software, those in the cannabis sector who want to connect with customers and other specialists on their mobile devices often encounter hostility.

However, this resistance proved an opportunity, and the cannapreneurs quickly created their social network.

What is a cannabis social network?

Social media enables collaboration, sharing, and communication with other companies and consumers with any business or neighborhood pharmacy. You are driving your product’s expansion.

You can get the most recent information on the cannabis business on Cannabis Social Network. Additionally, it provides a social networking-style platform for those working in the cannabis sector.

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 The list of the top cannabis social networks is provided below.

1. Grasscity

One of the first cannabis-related internet networks, Grasscity, began as a website for marijuana growers. Over the years, it has expanded to include specific websites for talking about smoking, various forms of usage, prohibition, finding dispensaries, and much more.

2. WeedLife

A new social network is called WeedLife. It has immediately become quite well-liked among cannabis fans. You may read about the unique marijuana-related businesses on its news feed. You may interact with others through forums and chat rooms and see what they are sharing.

WeedLife’s functionality is continually being improved. To provide businesses with social media marketing tools to raise sales and brand awareness.

3. Weldable

The Weedable app allows users to create a profile on the go and make new friends who share their love of marijuana. Customers looking for deeper connections to their favorite businesses are the easiest to cultivate favorable relationships with.

There’s also up-to-the-minute coverage of 420-related news for a country fascinated with cannabis. You may browse various cannabis plants, extracts, edibles, and seeds in an intuitive view.

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4. Bud Hubz

The cannabis version of Foursquare is called Bud Hubz. With the help of this website, you may locate local doctors, head shops, lovely places to stay, and even new friends. It’s free and straightforward to use Bud Hubz. It’s still in the beta testing stage.

The app has excellent advantages for marijuana fans and cannabis businesses worldwide. You may decide where to go and get in touch with local cannabis lovers. You may also utilize this forum to educate marijuana users about your company and authorized marijuana usage.

5. MassRoots

 The first social network with a cannabis theme was developed for college students, called MassRoots. These kids consume marijuana and often look for reliable outlets in their area. More than a million wired users are already a part of this network. They are preparing it to be the best for using branding strategies for marijuana businesses and shops.

The standout feature of MassRoots is that it doesn’t prioritize user interaction via message boards. Users are encouraged to rate and provide comments on the products. Additionally, it offers a loyalty program that tempts users with movie tickets, concert tickets, and festival passes to attract them to participate regularly.

6. Lead Wire

This new social media platform for the cannabis industry is sometimes called the LinkedIn of the cannabis industry. It is a treasure trove of market information, procedures, strategies, and news. Additionally, it details the businesses and goods made by those in this industry. There are several prospects for cannabis-related firms looking for buyers and the other way around in this $25 billion sector.

7. Duby

Like Twitter, Instagram, and Tinder, Duby is an internet app for iOS and Android devices. It is a social media platform where cannabis fans can engage and freely share films and photographs.

8. MJlink

MJLink is a cutting-edge social network for the cannabis business created specifically for professionals. The cannabis industry’s producers, growers, suppliers, dealers, and merchants are among them.

9. CannaSOS

CannaSOS is a vast database of marijuana strains that contains in-depth details on its effects, THC levels, and other traits. Find medications and dispensaries that can be customized to your needs. For your company, they produce and distribute adverts. The platform is aesthetically pleasing and straightforward to use. Additionally, “weed specialists” are available to answer any questions about marijuana.

10. 420 Magazine Forum

A classic print media source is 420 Magazine. It maintains a social media network-like shared community website that serves as its online presence. You may take part in an extensive debate on growth strategies. You can also participate in government discussions about marijuana here, including those involving the most recent legalizations, regulations, and laws.

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