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Ben Roethlisberger Net Worth, Early Life and Controversy

Ben Roethlisberger net worth

Ben Roethlisberger net worth

Ben Roethlisberger is an American football quarterback with a net worth of $ 100 million. Roethlisberger, also known as “Big Ben,” is best known for playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2004. After the freshman season, Ben was selected as the Offense Blue Key of the Year. Two years later, at the age of 23, he won the Super Bowl in the youngest quarterback in NFL history.

Roethlisberger is known for its highly efficient pass games. The number of pass meters is large and the pass completion rate is high. Ben is also known for his tendency to play outside the transit field, using the tactics he describes as “backyard football.”


Between June 2018 and June 2019, Ben earned $ 54 million (mainly salary) from a variety of businesses. At the time of writing this article, he earned $ 230 million while in the NFL. When he re-signed the Steelers in 2019 with a $ 68 million contract, he earned an additional $ 37 million in contract money.

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Early Life

Ben Roethlisberger was born on March 2, 1982, in Lima, Ohio. His athletic ability was revealed in his high school days. He was not only the captain of the soccer team but also the captain of the basketball and baseball teams.

Ben didn’t get the chance to play a quarterback until his high school year in high school because the coach preferred his son to play in that position. In 2000 he transferred to the University of Miami but wore a red shirt during his freshman season. The following year he made his debut and started playing well. He eventually broke many school records.

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Roethlisberger’s college exploits are well known and were named 11th overall in the 2004 NFL Draft. He signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers for a $ 22.26 million contract and a $ 17.73 million incentive. Ben intervened as a team started when two of the Steelers’ first-choice starters were injured. He was very impressive in his debut season. The following year, in 2005, Big Ben won the Super Bowl and defeated the Seattle Seahawks. Roethlisberger made a slow start in 2006 after suffering a motorcycle injury during the off-season. He then ended the season at a high price, beating the Bengals after a concussion in the middle of the season. In 2007, Ben played in his first Pro Bowl. In 2008, Ben signed a new $ 102 million deal with Steelers, he said, and he plans to retire as Steelers. That year he led the team to another Super Bowl victory. Ben continued to play well for the next few years but failed to win his next Super Bowl victory.

Ben Roethlisberger was criticized for not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle. This decision seriously injured a soccer player in 2006.


That year, in an accident, Ross Lisberger suffered a fracture of his jaw, a ruptured sinus, a large laceration behind his head, and some tooth loss. Many people in the NFL have attacked Ben for this irresponsible behavior, but in Pennsylvania, it is optional to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle. Ben has also been accused of sexual assault multiple times. In 2009, he faced a civil lawsuit alleging that he had sexually assaulted a woman named Andrea McNulty in a hotel room. Another woman later said that McNulty boasted to her about having sex with Ben.


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