BASF introduces CBD-based skincare ingredient


New CBD-based ingredients for skin care products made from domestically farmed industrial hemp have just been released by German chemicals business BASF. There is a claim that the ComfortBD product line can help reduce skin irritation by providing a mattified complexation.

“Since the pandemic, consumers have shifted their preferences, looking for sustainable and efficient solutions, and CBD is the perfect candidate for this, as it’s a natural solution that provides relaxing and calming properties,”  Nader Mahmoud of BASF’s Personal Care business in North America said in a company statement.

BASF adds CBD solution ComfortBD to US portfolio

“Our Research & Development team has deep expertise with plant and botanical extracts. They found the exact synergy and combination to create an active ingredient extracted from L. Cannabis sativa soured and sustainably grown in the United States.” BASF’s Care Chemicals division offers ComfortBD components, which are colorless and odorless and have been proven effective in both in vitro and animal testing.

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Over 80% CBD and less than 0.2 percent THC make up this product’s potency. Kemin Industries, a leading supplier of ingredients for the food and beverage sector, recently launched its Luxiva range of hemp-based CBD distillates.

BASF’s division of care chemicals

A wide range of ingredients for personal care, household cleaning, industrial & institutional cleaning, and technical applications are available from BASF’s Care Chemicals division. The cosmetics, detergent, and cleaner industries count on us as a major global supplier of cutting-edge and environmentally friendly goods, solutions, and concepts.

In addition to surfactants, emulsifiers, and polymers, the division’s high-performance product offering includes chelating agents, cosmetic components, and UV filters. With production and development facilities in all areas, as well as in new markets, we are expanding our global reach.

BASF Expands Clean Beauty Offerings With The CBD Solution, ComfortBD | HAPPI

BASF: a brief history

As the North American arm of BASF SE, the Ludwigshafen-based company BASF Corporation is located in Florham Park. In North America, BASF employs more than 16,700 people and generated $25,9 billion in sales in 2021. At BASF, we believe that chemistry is the key to a brighter future.

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Economic prosperity and social responsibility are inseparable. The BASF Group’s 111,000 people work across nearly every industry and country to help our clients succeed. To better serve our customers, we have divided our business into six distinct divisions: Chemicals, Materials, Industrial Solutions, Surface Technologies, Nutrition & Care, and Agricultural Solutions.

In 2021, BASF made €78.6 billion in revenue. On the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (BAS) and the American Depositary Receipts (BASFY) in the United States, BASF shares can be purchased.


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