Austrian Grand Prix Fan Abuse; F1 Investigating on Racism, Sexual Harassment

austria grand pix crowd abuse

The Formula One Austrian Grand Prix was held on Sunday amid a tainted atmosphere after it was revealed the night before that numerous spectators at the Red Bull Ring were harassing or abusing others. Formula 1 promptly criticized the situation and vowed to bring it to the attention of the promoter, who subsequently increased security wherever possible for Sunday. In addition to booing and jeering, people backing a rival driver were also subjected to homophobic, racial, and sexual abuse charges.

Aston Martin and Mercedes let some abusive fans into their garage. One fan who was invited into the Mercedes garage said that other onlookers raised her skirt. There was understandable general condemnation among the Formula 1 world, as well as an acknowledgment that, while some fans’ attitudes should and must change, promoters themselves also require more stringent safeguards.

Toto Wolf and Max Verstappen reject allegations of crowd abuse as Formula 1 opens an investigation

Max Verstappen, whose supporters made up the majority of those in attendance, suggested that greater security and more regulation regarding alcohol sales would be a good step. Sebastian Vettel advocated for abuse to result in a ban on attending Grands Prix, whereas Max Verstappen, whose supporters made up the majority of those in attendance, suggested greater security and more regulation regarding alcohol sales would be.

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These events should not occur. I’ve read a few shocking things,” Verstappen stated. This shouldn’t even be necessary to state. I believe it should be common knowledge that these things should not occur. I believe a normal human being should think and conduct in this manner.”

Toto Wolff referred to the alleged harassers at the Austrian Grand Prix as “stupid,” while Sebastian Vettel demanded that they be banned for life after Formula One was compelled to release a statement condemning the reprehensible behavior.

The race at the Red Bull Ring, which was won by Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, was overshadowed by allegations of sexist catcalling, inappropriate touching of female spectators, and homophobic and racist insults. There were 60,000 Dutch supporters present to cheer on Verstappen, and numerous sources mentioned the stands where they were seated.

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After fan misbehavior during the Austrian Grand Prix, F1 calls for reform.

The Formula One community condemned reports of abuse and harassment at the Austrian Grand Prix, but fans believe it’s nothing new and demand action to make motorsport a more inclusive atmosphere.

austria grand pix crowd abuse

Hamilton had urged F1 to take action instead of merely issuing statements, and it is understood that the sport is investigating ways to combat abuse and encourage respect among fans toward one another and drivers in what has become an increasingly tribal atmosphere at certain events.

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Formula One first issued a statement acknowledging the claims and said that “this type of behavior is unacceptable and will not be condoned, and all spectators should be treated with respect.”

Hicks viewed it as a “vague” remark and wants Formula One to take a more definitive stance.

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