Armor Wars Release Date, History, Role of Iron Man & Much More

Armor Wars Release Date

Armor Wars Release Date

Marvel and She-Hulk are thanks to releasing in 2022. The Direct has reported that filming will happen around October/November of this year, which might put the show on track for a 2023 release date.

Armor Wars is an upcoming American web television series supported by the Marvel Comics storyline of the same name. The series may be a sequel to Avengers: Endgame. it’s the twenty-fourth television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and an installment of Phase Four.

“Armor Wars” may be a seven-issue Iron Man story arc written by David Michelinie and Bob Layton with art by Mark D.

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What Is Armor Wars? Marvel's New War Machine Show Explained

While “Armor Wars” is the popular name for the storyline and is the name used for the trade paperback collection, the particular story is referred to as “Stark Wars” within the issues themselves.

The source of the name “Armor Wars” stems from the very fact that the storyline was advertised in other Marvel titles with full-page ads reading: “TIME FOR THE AVENGER TO START AVENGING. THE ARMOR WAR BEGINS IN IRON MAN.”

The storyline ran through Iron Man (Vol. 1)  (December 1987) to (June 1988), plotted by David Michelinie and Bob Layton with art by Mark Bright, though much of the groundwork for the story itself occurred during Iron Man #219-224. Iron Man encounters the Spymaster, who steals the Stark technology. Iron Man also encounters the Force, which sets up the plot of “Armor Wars” within the following issues.

An epilogue to the storyline was published in Iron Man (Vol. 1) (July 1988), co-plotted by Michelinie and Barry Windsor-Smith with art by Windsor-Smith.

“Armor Wars II” followed in issues Iron Man (Vol. 1) (July 1990) to (March 1991).

The first issue of the two-part new-artist-introduction series Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way has a short story that shows a final resolution to the Armor Wars, depicted as happening shortly after the events.

Tony is recording a video will that declares that ought events ever escalate to such a point again, he would activate a program called Project Icarus that might seal him in a suit of his armor, activate his other armors and every one technological device derived from Stark technology, and every one of them would fly directly into the sun.

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Iron man and Armor war

Cool Comic Art on Twitter: "Iron Man : Armor Wars II (1990) art by John Romita Jr. w/ Bob Wiacek" / Twitter

A 4-issue mini-series titled Iron Man & The Armor Wars, a modernization of the Armor Wars concept for a replacement audience, debuted in August 2009, written by Joe Caramagna with art by Craig Rousseau. A hardcover collection of the story was published in February 2010 (ISN 978-0-7851-4448-9).

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