Are ‘The Ultimatum”s Madlyn And Colby Still Together? No Longer Be Perplexed

Do you enjoy a good mess? Then please treat your tired eyes to Netflix’s reality dating show. The Ultimatum is so mess up that I’m not sure cleanup is even possible.

We’ve met six couples this season, with one, Colby and Madlyn did, not follow each other on Instagram. one of them wants to marry, and the other does not. As a result, the show’s hosts, Vanessa and Nick Lachey make the decision. That hires a qualified therapist to put everyone in a hotel. Force them to date someone from a different couple and then forcing them to participate in a three-week “trial marriage” with this stranger is the best solution, which is the worst (and yet best) idea in the world.

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While every original couple’s relationship is put to the test. After what amounts to a three-week cheating pass. We’re here to discuss Madlyn and Colby. Specifically, are they still together? There are so many questions, but here’s a TL;DR summary of a quick overview of Throughout the show, their relationship:

He is surprised when Madlyn and Colby board The Ultimatum, eager to marry, but she is hesitant and appears excited about dating someone new.

Madlyn goes through a trial marriage with Randall, during which she discovers she has a lot of issues with Colby. He irritates her, and she believes he is a bad listener.
Colby is in a trial marriage with April, and the vibe is positive and more friend-based, although they make out in bed on their final night together.

Madlyn and Colby move back together for three weeks before deciding whether or not to marry, and they spend the entire time arguing. In addition, Madlyn discovers that Colby kissed an unidentified girl in a club, and maintaining contact with her makes her unhappy.
We leave Madlyn and Colby in a problematic situation due to a fight at dinner before the decision, during which she makes it clear that marriage is a bad idea.

So do they still live together?

In a nutshell, yes! *wipes sweat from brow* The trailer for The Final Season’s final episodes of Ultimatum appear as if Madlyn rejects Colby’s proposal, but this is not the case. Anyway, take a look at the evidence to see how things played out for yourself:

According to Bustle, filming wrapped in the second week of May 2021. And we have proof that Colby liked Madlyn’s photos right up until February 2022:

Colby and Madlyn did not follow each other on Instagram for a while. It means that something happened between February 2022 and April 2022. For example, the Netflix premiere of The Ultimatum. These two saw for the first time what happened behind their closed doors trial marriages. On top of that, they appear to have deleted any Instagram photos they had of each other.

Colby made a dramatic and un-chill Instagram post about a week ago. I mean, this caption doesn’t precisely portray someone who is not pleasing by the events. How they are treated on the reality show in which they are currently starring:

So yeah. The odds are not looking great for a while! But it now appears that all this social media activity is done to confuse viewers. Ahead of the reunion. And, being only human, it’s safe to say we bit the bait and watched! On the other hand, Madlyn and Colby are acceptable because, surprise, they’re married!!!

That’s correct. The couple reveals at the reunion that Madlyn is seven months pregnant. They are still married. They also no longer argue because there are three of them to consider. Also yesterday, our favorite cowboy-hat-wearing guy reposted an Instagram photo of himself on one knee proposing to Madlyn from Netflix’s account with the caption, “A memory I’ll never forget.”

Not to mention, Colby shared an adorable in-feed photograph of a couple kissing on the beach, to which Madlyn replied, “Love of my life.”

And if you haven’t already opened a bottle of wine and started your Adele playlist, here’s Madlyn’s tribute to her relationship with her boo:
“We are extremely fortunate to be loved by you,” she says at the end of the caption. OUR BABY GIRL WILL ARRIVE IN 3 WEEKS!”

So we’ve got an approximate due date, sex reveals, and confirmation that this couple is here to stay. Whew!

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