Are Susie Evans And Clayton Echard Still Together After The Bachelor? Learn Their Current Status Right Now

Hey. Is Clayton Echard and Susie Evans still together? In September 2022, the couple gave a heartbreaking update. Keep reading to find out where reality T.V. couples stand today.

Susie and Clayton

Susie said, “If you love me, it doesn’t make sense to sleep with someone else.” Clayton replied, “I told myself I wouldn’t fall for numerous ladies, yet it happened.”

Clayton would have done things differently if he had realized it would be a deal-breaker for Susie, but it was too late. Susie cried.

Susie returned for the finale’s rose ceremony. After a fight between Clayton, Rachel, and Gabby, Susie remained at the final rose ceremony.

Susie informs Clayton she’s leaving Iceland, calling it “devastating.” I don’t think I’m your person, and you’re not mine.

Clayton and Susie Engaged?

Susie searched Clayton after he left Iceland and returned to “his ordinary routine.” Clayton: “I’m surprised there’s a maybe.”

Susie confirmed their relationship. She said, “We’re thrilled to be here.” My boyfriend.

She admits they “took some steps back,” but they’re now “serious.” Sure, he’s fantastic.

They “could have done better” and expected anger following the conclusion.

Jesse teased that Neil Lane might propose, but Clayton stated they had other plans. She received the final rose he offered her.

Clayton and Susie were together in 2022. The couple continuously gushed online. Susie captioned a video of Clayton lifting her at the grocery store with, “My granola game is upped thanks to @claytonechard and Clayton alone.”

Clayton and Susie Cohabitated?

After the Final Rose, the couple revealed they were going to Susie’s hometown of Virginia Beach. After a year on the east coast, they moved to separate states.

During an August 17 podcast appearance, Clayton claimed, “I’m relocating to Scottsdale, and she’s heading to L.A.” “It’s a 50-minute flight, but we’re both chasing our ambitions. We both want to be there, location-wise.”

The former football player said they’d try it but move closer if it doesn’t work. “We’re not sure if we’ll like the distance,” he said. “People may think we’re splitting. Some distance never hurts.”

Is The Bachelor’s Clayton still with Susie?

Clayton told his family in season 26 of The Bachelor that he wanted Susie back. “You’re reaching. It’s over. His dad, Brian Echard, said she chose to walk. Football players insisted on trying. He said, “She’s a once-in-a-lifetime.”

The Virginia Beach native questioned Clayton’s overnight dates with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. She said this while Rachel was on a date. “I doubt he can love multiple people at once.”

Susie said, “For me, sex is connective,” before heading to her fantasy suite. I hope Clayton understands my perspective.

Not so. Clayton’s love for Susie wasn’t exclusive. Susie said she would feel “uncomfortable” if he slept with other women during their Sky Lagoon hot springs dinner.

“That would make an engagement impossible,” she said. “I wouldn’t be comfortable sharing your love with another.”

Yes, I’ve slept with someone else here, and I’ve expressed love to someone else.
They announced their split on Instagram on September 23.

Susie wrote, “With sorrowful hearts, we’ve chosen to part.” “Anyone who has loved knows this was a difficult decision. We anticipate many questions about this decision; social media is a highlight reel, and we’ve kept many of our experiences together secret. This previous year has brought us much joy and laughter and considerable suffering.

Susie wrote, “We know no healthy relationship is without problems, but we weren’t prepared for the external factors that inhibited our ability to recover as individuals and as a couple. We both want to improve.

“We stand by each other and wish happiness and healing,” she stated. With love and respect, we hope our communities will support us. Thank you. It’s crucial.

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