Are Nathan and Holly still together? Are they dating after “Too Hot To Handle”?

are nathan and holly still together

Could ‘Too Hot to Handle’ signal a relationship for Holly and Nathan?

Major Season 3 spoilers for Too Hot to Handle are ahead. Despite not knowing that Too Hot to Handle was filmed on Pleasure Island, Holly Scarfone and Nathan Soan Mngomezulu were already in the game’s final stages. The pair clicked instantly and lost more money in the villa than anyone in Too Hot to Handle, eventually bringing the prize money down to zero.

Within the first few minutes of the episode, Nathan exclaimed, “Holy, she’s got a banging, banging, banging body.” I’m interested in giving a relationship with her a try. “God, he’s beautiful,” Holly stated in her first-season confessional. Oh, I’d do things to get my hands on that guy! As a result, Nathan was exiled to a desert island by an angry Lana, and their hot romance swiftly escalated into rule break after rule violation.

However, Nathan and Holly were successful on Too Hot to Handle despite their flagrant contempt for Lana’s guidelines throughout the season. By rubbing a toy that represented Nathan against the heart of a doll that represented Holly, Nathan learned to control his more primitive inclinations, and Holly came to trust Nathan. As the season ended, Lana nominated Nathan as one of the retreat’s most improved participants, but he lost $90,000 to the pair Beaux and Harry from Too Hot to Handle.

Is Holly’s relationship with Nathan still going strong?



Holly and Nathan broke up, although they have both expressed interest in reconciling. During the reunion episode of Too Hot to Handle, taped before the cast started promoting season three in the middle of January, Holly revealed, “Our closeness has only grown stronger over time. My heart flutters whenever I think about us together. We hold each other in the highest regard. There’s no way I can claim it was a bust.”

Nathan said, “I wouldn’t say it didn’t work out.” “It’s not easy.”

Holly stated that the couple broke up because of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. “I would have completed my degree in just a few more months.

Having the right timing is crucial. And the carrying out of said plan.”

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