Are Harry and Beaux still a couple from Season 3 of Too Hot to Handle?

One of our favorite Too Hot To Handle season 3 couples was Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson, but are they still together?

Series three of Too Hot To Handle will release in January. By now, we’ve all binge-watched it and invested in the romance between Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond.

Are Harry and Beaux still dating after they first met at the retreat and went on to become a beloved couple, similar to Nathan Soan and Holly Scarfone?

In detail, let’s look at Beaux and Harry’s relationship after Too Hot to Handle.

Is Harry still dating Beaux from Too Hot To Handle?

After returning from the retreat and resuming their regular lives, Harry and Beaux no longer live together.

A week after the show’s conclusion, Too Hot to Handle posted a video on Instagram in which they broke up.

Harry clarified: “Even though we are currently single, we still communicate frequently. Who knows what might occur? We haven’t yet met. The distance was complicated, and when we returned to the UK, there was a complete lockdown.”

Never say never, he continued, and Beaux concurred.

Just a few episodes into season 3, Harry and Beaux started dating. Their relationship only grew stronger during their time in the retreat.

Those who have made it this far will be aware that Harry and Beaux, the only couple in the final, go on to win the series and split the remaining $90,000 in cash.

Even though they are no longer together, they remain in close contact. Beaux said of their relationship: “I mean, it was odd because when he first walked in, I didn’t fancy him, so it was absurd that you build up that connection every day, then we just kept moving toward each other after that.

“He’s amazing, like the male version of me, and we’re still in touch a lot,” she said.

As for the retreat, Harry acknowledged that he and Beaux grew closer. He said, “Obviously, You have it on your mind at all times. People were coming into what may happen, so we got close, but We were a little worried, but that showed whether we would persevere.

That was a significant moment because it “clearly shows if you can get through stuff, and it makes you closer.”

We continue to support Harry-Beaux!

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