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America: The Movie’s Cast, Plot, and Everything Else You Need to Know About It!

America The Motion Picture

America The Motion Picture

Everyone must have heard the tale and history of the American Revolution. But no one would have ever heard or seen it in the way of animation. This animated version of the movie America: The Motion Picture is a very different and interesting movie that is storing so much for you.

The upcoming Netflix original America: The motion picture is an adult-animated comedy movie. It is directed by Matt Thompson and written by Dave Callaham. This movie project was initially announced in the year 2017. At the time, it was confirmed by officials that Channing Tatum would be playing the role of George Washington.

From that time, it was in the process to get the best movie out of the script. If you have ever watched Family Guy or Paradise P.D. then you can get an idea of what to expect from America: The motion picture.

The animation studio behind the movie is Floyd County Production. Other multiple movie studios have also assisted with the animation project.

Well, if you are also a fan of animation and comedy then this is the best place you have come to. We are going to keep track of everything you need to know about America: The motion picture.

Early reviews for the animated comedy have t been favorable, yet it could still become a streaming hit. America: The Motion Picture stars Channing Tatum in a voice role as George Washington, who organizes a revolution against British rule after the murder of his best friend, Abraham Lincoln.

The project was first announced in late 2017 when it was confirmed that Channing Tatum was attached to play George Washington.

The script was first put out back in April 2017 where ScriptShadow dubbed it as worth a read while calling it an extremely goofy comedy saying that it delivers exactly what its audience wants. Netflix s animated feature America: The Motion Picture, which releases on June 30, feels like an attempt to walk the same line between mockery and actual jingoism.

That could be a recipe for some goofy fun to watch while highly intoxicated and celebrating the Fourth of July, but any goodwill provided by the concept or cast is utterly squandered by a film that packs in endless references without having anything whatsoever to say.

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America The Motion Picture Release Date

If America: The Motion Picture becomes an immediate hit for Netflix, a sequel could be greenlit by the end of 2021. Based on the big names attached to the original movie, a follow-up probably would t released in the next two years.

Granted, voicework can be done in a few days compared to the weeks and months of live-action filming. It s safe to assume that America: The Motion Picture 2 will premiere in 2024 at the earliest unless the filmmakers already have a new story in the works.

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America The Motion Picture Cast

  • Channing Tatum as George Washington
  • Jason Mantzoukas as Samuel Uncle Sam Adams
  • Olivia Munn as Thomas Edison
  • Bobby Moynihan as Paul Revere
  • Judy Greer as Martha Washington
  • Will Forte as Abraham Abe Lincoln; Forte reprises his role from Clone High (2002-2003), The Lego Movie films (2014 2019), and Michelangelo and Lincoln: History Cops (2014).
  • Raoul Max Trujillo as Geronimo
  • Killer Mike as John Henry / Blacksmith
  • Simon Pegg as King James
  • Andy Samberg as Benedict Cosby Arnold
  • Carlos Alazraqui as Clyde
  • Dave Callaham as I.M. Pei / LGBTQ rights activist
  • Jeff Fastner as Ben Franklin
  • Kevin Gillese as John Wilkes Booth / Titanic guard
  • Zebbie Gillese as Transporter / Bros / Manchester the Soccer Ball
  • Larose as Native American rights activist
  • Megan Leahy as Clara Barton
  • Amber Nash as women s rights activist / Anti-LGBTQ rights activist
  • Eric Sims as Thomas Jefferson
  • Mike Schatz as Fredrick Xavier Kinko / Hancock Supporter
  • Matt Thompson as John Hancock / Colonist / Stand Your Ground rights activist
  • Lucky Yates as Baseball Announcer / 2nd amendment rights activist

America The Motion Picture Trailer

America The Motion Picture Plot

Many of you can guess the plot and story of this movie by name it is going to be about America and its revolution. Probably most of you have learned and studied about the history of America. But this is going to be very different from your imagination. It is pretty obvious that books and animation are very different, and so do everything about them.

America; The motion picture shows the history of the American Revolution, which includes chainsaw-wielding George Washington, beer-chugging Sam Adams, and centaur Robocop with lots of freedom.

The total runtime of the movie is 98 minutes so we cannot expect every single detail of the American Revolution but it will get there to understand in a very easy way.

In July 1776, just after signing the Declaration of Independence, Benedict Arnold appeared and murdered all of its signatories, destroying Independence Hall, and stealing the Declaration.

He goes to Ford s Theatre, where George Washington and his childhood best friend, Abraham Lincoln, are watching a play.

Arnold tells Abe that he is betraying the country, as he turns into a werewolf and bites off Abe s neck. Before his death, Lincoln asks Washington to bring the American Revolutionary War to an end, naming the future country America. George chases Arnold through the town killing his soldiers but failing to kill him. At Lincoln s funeral, Washington meets Martha Dandridge. She urges him to continue the revolution after the two have sex.

To build a strong team, Washington teams up with beer-loving party animal Samuel Adams and they recruit equestrian champion but socially awkward Paul Revere. They endeavor to recruit the female Chinese scientist Thomas Edison, only to find that she is being executed by the British for testing science. However, she manages to escape and agrees to join George s team.

Finally, they get Native American hunter Geronimo to join them knowing he has more knowledge about the land than anyone. They manage to track down Arnold at a Vietnam bar. Although the enemy has fled and Thomas blows up the bar, they conclude that the events in Vietnam were not a failure.

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The team asks for help from master blacksmith John Henry, who is to make a silver bullet for them to kill Arnold. To get the silver, they go to Boston to steal a mass supply of silver spoons from the Titanic. On board the ship, they learn that the British are bathing people in tea so they will come over to their side.

They also discover plans for a secret British superweapon but fail to retrieve it because George accidentally spills tea everywhere, causing a fire that sinks the ship. Sam then proposes to the others that they will say the Titanic had hit an iceberg and that they were never there.

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