Alicia Silverstone’s Quirky Parenting Confessions;Alicia Describes Herself as Natural Mama

Licia Silverstone said that she and her 11-year-old son Bear Blu still sleep in the same bed. She said that this is a more “natural” way to sleep.

During a lengthy interview on The Ellen Fisher Podcast, the 45-year-old opened up about her special relationship with her only child and asserted that she is only “following nature” by dozing next to her preteen boy, whom she shares with her ex-husband Christopher Jarecki, whom she divorced in 2018.

Alicia Silverstone’s Weird Parenting Confessions

In the episode airing on July 19, the actress said, “Bear and I still sleep together,” equating it to people attempting to survive in a “wild setting.”

She pointed away from herself and stated, “If you were in any kind of wild location where there are wild animals if you placed your baby over there, your kid is going to get devoured.” Therefore, having the kid over there is not ideal.

The Clueless actress, who practices attachment parenting, also opened up about how she rarely used diapers while potty-training her son from the age of six months on and noted that she has never raised her voice with him, ten years after revealing she fed her son by pre-chewing his food and passing it from her mouth to his.

The native of San Francisco then chuckled that she would probably “get in trouble” with mom-shamers but added that “I don’t really care” at this time in her life.

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A Natural and Caring Mama

She continued by describing herself as “a natural mama” and “a caring mama,” emphasizing gentle communication and removing items like TV from the home.

She responded to any criticism by saying, “I believe in love, I believe in nature, and our society is terrified of nature and scared of love.”

I’m not inventing anything; none of what I’m doing is original. I would love to take credit for everything, but I’m simply following nature, which is why it’s not me.

Every decision I make is either based on gut instinct or in-depth research because I simply wanted to do what was best for him at every point.

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When asked about the potty-training era when Bear was a baby and toddler, Alicia recalled that she ‘watched’ his cues’ to determine when it was time for a bathroom visit rather than frequently using diapers.

It’s really amazing. She spoke to his physical cues and added, “When I was done feeding him, he would go to the bathroom in the toilet. It’s so simple. He went to the bathroom after waking up from a nap.

The actress and author admitted that there was a time when she watched him while he was naked to see those signs.

I felt he was flirting with me because he would do this tiny smile, so the part of the cue was really enjoyable for me. He had to urinate at that point, she said.

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