Albuquerque CBD Store Owner Upset After Break-in

After another attempt to rob her business, the proprietor of My CBD, located in San Pedro close to Paseo. Hunter Kelly claims that an intruder entered the home via the back entrance early on Friday morning.

Even though he is said to have turned off the breakers before he broke in so that the alarm wouldn’t go off, they were still able to catch him on video. They claim that he stole an amount of money and merchandise from the register totaling around $15,000 in value.

Kelly claims thieves have broken into her store three times, and she is fed up with the situation. “It’s terrible, distressing, but nobody is surprised by it anymore,” said the person. “It’s difficult to put into words, but at this point, we’re entirely used to it,” the owner, Kelly, said.

They want to file a report with the authorities. Friday was the day when the store finally opened its doors.

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