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Acapulco Season 3: Release Date, Cast & More Info in 2023!



Last month saw the conclusion of Acapulco’s second season, and what a season it was! We are eagerly anticipating the events of the third season of the popular comedy-drama series Acapulco on Apple TV.

It’s Maximo Gallardo’s big moment now! Acapulco’s second season missed out on a thrilling episode, but has the well-liked comedy-drama been renewed for a third?

The show’s followers are eagerly anticipating a third season, and we share their excitement.

Since the third season of the show’s production has already started, the story has not yet come to a close.

Everyone is focused on the third season of Acapulco, but what about the most recent rumors? Will the comedy-dramas third season be the last?

You read that right: The third season is frequently seen as the conclusion of the Acapulco saga.

Acapulco Season 3 Renewal Status

Be very attentive! The wonderful news has arrived early for lovers of Acapulco because the show will undoubtedly return to television!

A few weeks after the suspenseful Season 2 conclusion on December 16, 2022, the show is renewed. The events in the upcoming chapter should be exciting.

The show’s creator, Austin Winsberg, confirmed the rumor among viewers by tweeting, “Apple has officially decided to put a ring on it!”

We are overjoyed and appreciative to be able to produce another season of this wonderful, touching, and humorous show.

Never too late to make up lost ground! @EugenioDerbez @enrique_arrizon @LionsgateTV @acapulcotv @AppleTVPlus.

About Acapulco

A poor man from the past named Maximo Gallardo Ramos was portrayed by Enrique Arrizon in the year 1984.

He is an ordinary man who works as a pool boy but wants more out of life. Periodically, a third Maximo comes on screen for dramatic effect. In 1974,

when he was still a young man, Erick Saldana reprises the role.

The second season of the show has ended on Apple, and fans are asking if there will be a third.

Whether or if the show will return for a third season is the main concern for Apple viewers.

The biggest enigma is whether or not a third movie will be made.

This is because Apple hasn’t officially announced that the show would be renewed or even canceled, putting fans who were expecting additional episodes in suspense.

Let’s analyze it more if Apple ever begins a new season.

Acapulco Season Cast


  • Eugenio Derbez as Maximo Gallardo Ramos
  • Enrique Arrizon as Maximo Gallardo Ramos
  • Fernando Carsa as Gullermo
  • Dami n Alc zar as Don Pablo Bonilla
  • Camila Perez as Julia Gonzalez
  • Chord Overstreet as Chad Davies84)
  • Vanessa Bauche as Nora Gallardo Ramos
  • Gala Komori as Nora Ramos
  • Regina Reynoso as Sara Gallardo Ramos
  • Bianca Marroqu n as Older Sara Gallardo Ramo
  • Raphael Alejandro as Hugo
  • Jessica Collins as Diane Davies
  • Collins also plays the 1967 and 1981 versions of Diane
  • Rafael Cebri n as Hector Valero
  • Carlos Corona as Esteban


  • Will Sasso plays Joe
  • Regina Orozco as Lupe
  • Lobo Elias as Beto
  • Julian Sedgwick as Rolf
  • Rodrigo Urquidi as Augusto
  • Rossana de Leon as Adriana
  • Ricardo Ca amar as Javier
  • Sofia Ruiz as Monica
  • Erick Zavala as Emilio
  • Marco Ter n as Eduardo
  • Jessica Balsaneli as Sestina
  • Eliana Jones as Becca Rosenthal
  • Samantha Orozco as Gabriela

Acapulco Season 3 Plot

Season three of Acapulco is all about atoning for the past and embracing the future.

Maximo (Eugenio Derbez), the main character of our story, visits Las Colinas as an elderly man and finds a location he is unfamiliar with.

A more youthful Maximo is risking all the connections he has worked so hard to build in 1985 as he pursues success.

According to actor and executive producer Eugenio Derbez, “We at 3Pas Studios are grateful to Apple TV+, the ideal home for Acapulco, along with our production partner Lionsgate, filmmakers, and cast and crew.” Things at Las Colinas Resort are about to get hot; turn up the air conditioner.

The stories we share about our towns and cultures have always had the power to connect with audiences all across the world.

We’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response from viewers who have fallen in love with Acapulco all over the world, according to Morgan Wandell, Apple TV+’s director of international programming.

Acapulco season three will feature even more heart, passion, and fun thanks to Eugenio, Austin, Ben, Eric, Kim, and the rest of the outstanding cast and crew.

Acapulco Season 3 Release Date

Acapulco’s third season will premiere on Apple on January 30, 2023.

The show’s makers are staying mum about the release date for season three despite its most recent renewal.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, the following season might have the same 10 episodes as the ones that came before it.

The series is being produced by Lionsgate Television, Zihuatanejo Productions, 3Pas Studios, and The Tannenbaum Company.

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How Is the Show Rated So Far?

Acapulco has been on television for only two seasons, yet it has already had enormous success. Both critics and viewers have given the series positive reviews.

Acapulco receives a 7.6 on IMDb while receiving a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. TV Guide has given Acapulco a rating of 74%.

Acapulco Season 3 Episodes

The upcoming season will reportedly have at least 10 episodes, with fresh ones airing each week.

For the purpose of continuity, it is presumed that it will follow the same format as the other episodes.

The fact that filming will begin in the spring is wonderful news. But as of February 2, 2023, we would also like to point out that we are unable to confirm the episode names or storyline descriptions.

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Where to Watch Acapulco

Acapulco is only available on Apple TV+. The two seasons of Acapulco are available online with an Apple TV+ subscription.

Is Acapulco Worth Watching?

I strongly advise you to watch Acapulco. The presentation is fresh, interesting, and enjoyable.

The characters are all intriguing and well-developed. The entire series is a visual feast, including exquisite visuals.

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