’90 Day Fiancé’s Pedro Tells Chantel He Wants a Separation on ‘The Family Chantel’

In this constrictive embrace from Monday’s The Family Chantel, Pedro asked for the first step toward being far away from Chantel. Pedro tells Chantel he needs a barrier in the room, but Chantel doesn’t. The couple originally appeared together on season four of 90 Day Fiancé and seemed to get along well. But over time, things between the two have considerably changed. In the final several seasons of The Family Chantel, Pedro prioritized his real estate job over his American wife. Chantel was even called sluggish by the Dominican Republic native despite all the effort she has put into the family.

Pedro Filed For Divorce on May 27

In this season of The Family Chantel is preoccupied with the breakdown of her marriage to Pedro. In the video, Pedro claims that given their ferocious fighting, separation is the “logical thing” to do. Chantel claims she doesn’t want to end their relationship and feels “pathetic” since she has been “pleading” for his attention, which he never offers. Pedro believes Chantel “makes everything worse,” which sparks another argument between the two.

She queries him, “What type of response were you thinking of?” I’m pleased we’re getting a divorce; it will do wonders for our relationship,” I don’t know anyone who has broken up and then reconciled. Sorry. How would our separation benefit us? It is drifting apart and neglecting the issue. “

Pedro doesn’t seem to be moved and argues that their daily fights aren’t the answer either. He tells the cameras that when he started a new business in real estate and began going out and meeting people, their relationships unquestionably changed.

“You see, I need time to figure out and understand what I want in life. Whether we want the relationship to succeed or not, “he claims.” “You are aware that you must occasionally pursue your own happiness.” Maybe I need to build a future for myself apart from you. “

According to recent rumors and court records, Pedro filed for divorce in May 2022, and the well-liked couple hasn’t gotten along since. Reconciliation is well past due for Pedro and Chantel, who each have restraining orders against them. Fans of 90 Day Fiancé have many views about what might have gone wrong, but most are devastated because the couple had an unbreakable bond before.

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Chantel in Her New Dazzling Look

In the midst of the divorce controversy, Chantel has debuted her new dazzling appearance on social media. She uploaded a self-portrait video to Instagram with the hashtag “Miss Circle.” The video depicts the well-known reality personality ambling down the street while posing in an eye-catching purple gown. In the TikTok video, Chantel spins around in her sparkling white high heels, embracing her catwalk strut. The 31-year-old glitzy woman’s long dress was complemented by her sparkling bracelet, earrings, and combed-back haircut. The nicest part, though, was her smile, which gave the impression that she was handling her divorce just fine.

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