8th Wonder Brewery and Bayou City Hemp Co to embark Cannabis brand and dispensary

8th Wonder Brewery & Distillery and Bayou City Hemp Company are making history––again: The two pioneering organizations are partnering to create 8th Wonder Cannabis, a groundbreaking brand offering hemp, hops, beverages, and more as a brick-and-mortar dispensary, premier producer, and consumption lounge. A soft opening of the anticipated space is set for October 17, 2022; 8th Wonder Cannabis plans to open additional locations throughout Texas in the coming years, improving access to cannabis statewide.

8th Wonder Cannabis’ first brick-and-mortar dispensary and consumption lounge will be housed inside 8th Wonder Distillery at 2201 Dallas Street, Houston, TX 77003.

Every 8th Wonder Cannabis outpost will carry a range of products, including gummies, edibles, pre-rolls, vapes, and flower, as well as water-soluble options such as additives, nano-shots, and seltzers. The dispensaries will feature top brands, including Third Coast Blends, Mixer Elixir, and Leaf Life Wellness in addition to the 8th Wonder brand. Offerings will cater to canna-curious consumers and experienced cannabis lovers alike, making the versatile plant more approachable to a broader audience.

“We firmly believe the future of the hospitality industry will feature cannabis quite extensively,” adds Ryan Soroka, 8th Wonder Brewery & Distillery President and Co-Founder. “As stewards of the cannabis industry in Texas, Bayou City Hemp’s emphasis on innovation, quality and collaboration not only produces the best products, but helps normalize cannabis in a safe and trusted way.”

Cannabis-infused beverages will anchor 8th Wonder Cannabis, building upon the game-changing collaboration 8th Wonder Brewery and Bayou City Hemp Company first introduced in 2021, when the companies unveiled the first two cannabis-infused seltzers in Texas. Handcrafted in Houston, Delta-8 Wonder Water and CBD Wonder Water are non-alcoholic, zero-calorie, sparkling waters featuring natural hemp-derived ingredients. The beverages were the first THC and CBD seltzers in Texas, and numbered among the first of their kind in the entire country. Additions to the line followed, including seltzers such as Bun B’s Trillionaire, Third Coast’s Beach Break and Mixer Elixir’s Ranch Water, Botanical Greyhound and Blackberry Bramble.

Wonder Water has been the top-selling to-go product at 8th Wonder since the seltzers’ debut, underscoring the drinks’ high quality and market’s skyrocketing demand.

“Bayou City Hemp is light years ahead of any other cannabis manufacturers in regard to their nano-emulsion technology that seamlessly blends the cannabinoid with the water-soluble emulsion in suspension,” says Aaron Corsi, 8th Wonder Brewery & Distillery Co-Founder and Brewmaster. “This results in a water-soluble solution that is fast acting, effective, and tastes great.”

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Texas leads the growing movement of hemp-derived, Farm Bill-Compliant THC beverages, and the 8th Wonder and Bayou City Hemp partnership has vertically integrated the entire value chain from production to distribution and fulfillment.

The Houston-based 8th Wonder Cannabis marks the first partnership between a cannabis manufacturer and distributor and brewery in the U.S.

“Our partnership with 8th Wonder to launch Texas’ first cannabis-derived seltzer helped us truly scope the demand and opportunity for the canna-curious market through beverages,” says Ben Meggs, CEO and Co-Founder of Bayou City Hemp Company. “8th Wonder has established itself as a trusted name for quality and innovation, and we’re excited to partner with them to expand and further vertically integrate our businesses.”

House Bill 1325, enacted three years ago, made it legal to manufacture, distribute and sell consumable hemp products in Texas. The legislation followed passage of the federal Farm Bill in December 2018, which redefined hemp as a low-THC cannabis product with 0.3% or less Delta 9 THC and removed it from the definition of marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act.

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“We always say everything is bigger in Texas and bringing Bayou City together in a partnership with 8th Wonder seems to fit the narrative perfectly,” says Jeromy Sherman, Bayou City Hemp Chief Business Officer and Co-Founder. “We are aligned in so many ways from the extensive measures we have put in place to self-regulate to the creativity and product innovation each team brings to the table.”

Since launching in 2013, 8th Wonder Brewery has become synonymous with original brews informed by place, innovation, and tradition. The sixth brewery to open in Houston, 8th Wonder helped cultivate the city’s then-burgeoning local craft beer scene that has since grown to include more than 50 breweries. 8th Wonder Brewery now offers 8 year-round brews, plus a rotating list of seasonal favorites and special releases in addition to the new herbal seltzers. In 2018, 8th Wonder founded its distillery, which features 8x-distilled vodka, hop-infused gin, silver rum, a hand-selected whiskey, and Hammer Down bourbon.

Please note: Consumers of 8th Wonder Cannabis products must be at least 21 years-old. Consumption may result in a positive initial drug screening for THC.

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