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1923 Yellowstone Spinoff Filming Locations

The filming of Taylor Sheridan’s 1923 took place not just in Montana. But also across the continents of North America, Europe, and Australia, effectively expanding the Yellowstone canon beyond its traditional confines.

The team of the Yellowstone prequel spinoff series 1923 shot on three distinct continents to create magnificent settings. That is worthy of comparison to the original show. Characters’ day-to-day problems in 1923 are just as intrinsically linked to the earth. They stand as in Yellowstone. It’s not just the independence that comes with working as a cowboy that draws people to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. The preservation of Montana’s unspoiled mountain ecosystem is also at stake.

In 1923, this expanded even further to include the American wilderness of Montana. The exotic lands of Africa and Europe. 1923 delves into the Dutton family’s murky past at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Transporting viewers to the wild landscapes and difficult circumstances that shaped them. Every known filming location for Taylor Sheridan’s 1923 is mentioned on this page.

Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, Montana, USA

A total of nine Montana cities and villages served as filming sites in 1923. And then there’s Butte, Pony, Anaconda, Whitehall, Dillon, Hamilton, Valier, Deer Lodge, Park City, and Anaconda. They are all included in this group. Similar to Yellowstone, Montana is the primary filming location for 1923. 

Scenes at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch with Cara and Jack Dutton in the local meadows and wildness of downtown Yellowstone. Teonna Rainwater’s time at a Catholic boarding school is all filmed in the film’s home state. Among the many Yellowstone allusions in 1923. It is that its movie is in many of the same places as the original series.

Spencer Dutton’s Africa Within Namibia

South Africa and Tanzania also film “1923.” These locations were used for Spencer Dutton’s hunter-and-safari-guide scenes in Namibia. Spencer compares unspoiled Africa to Montana when trying to leave his past behind.

Spencer describes Montana as “the mountain version of this place” while in Namibia when asked where he is from. The filming sites in 1923, inspired by Yellowstone, nearly behave like characters in the drama. Expressing by grandeur what the dialogue and performers cannot. Spencer is very familiar with the arid and dangerous plains of Namibia.

Points of Interest in the Story of Malta and Europe in 1923

Malta is technically part of Europe, but IMDB counts it as a separate 1923 location from Europe. More reveals about the bad guy in 1923, Donald Whitfield, or maybe Elizabeth Strafford. Who wants to marry a Dutton she finds abroad? Could it happen in Malta or somewhere else in Europe?

However, it is still unclear which scenes shot there. Regardless, 1923 is extending the Sheridanverse beyond Montana by presenting the history of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. By extension, showing how the Dutton family’s influence spread throughout the globe. As a result of their experiences on three continents.

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