163-Year-Old Man: What’s with TikTok?

On social media sites like TikTok, you can see all kinds of things going viral. The internet is wild, and all sorts of things can go viral. This week, a video on TikTok went viral, leading to many rumors and guesses.

Recently, a video of a supposed 163-year-old man went viral on TikTok on a profile called @auyary13. Even though videos had been posted to the account since January 2022, they didn’t get much attention until February 2022.

Is the supposed 163-year-old man putting himself to sleep?

In the videos, a very old man in Thailand. Seen on a hospital bed. His body looks very thin and weak.

As soon as this man’s videos started showing up on people’s “For You Page,” they began to think all kinds of things about him. Some even said that the supposed 163-year-old man is a monk practicing Sokushinbutsu, which means “self-mummification.” It is a common Buddhist practice to turn into a mummy even though you are still alive.

Even though there are rumors that the supposed monk is doing this, the stories are not valid.
The truth about the 163-year-old man comes out.

The person on TikTok posting videos and short clips about the supposed 163-year-old man seems to be his granddaughter, who has posted many of these things. But it’s not true that the man is 163 years old, as some rumors say.

The man in the videos going viral on TikTok is a monk, but he is not 163 years old. He is a Thai man named Luang Pho Yai, who is 109 years old. Even though his clothes make him look like he might be a Thai monk, rumors about his age and the fact that he practices Sokushinbutsu are false.

Aviary is in charge of the TikTok account that has videos of Yai. People have gone crazy over the man’s videos, making guesses about his age and other things. Some people talked about how attractive the “163-year-old monk” was, while others made jokes about it.

In some of his most popular videos, the man lies on a hospital bed or talks to his granddaughter. And about a million people have watched these videos.

One of the most popular videos was of a man sitting on a bed with both hands on a young child’s head. About 74 million people have watched that video, and more than 10,000 have said something about it.

But one thing is sure: the man can’t be 163 years old because it’s physically impossible for a person to live longer than 120–150 years. So, don’t believe everything you see or read on the internet.

As of 2022, Juan Vicente Pére, who is 112 years old, is the oldest person in the world.

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